Frozen pipes leaves neighborhood without water for 5 days

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VALLE LAKE, MO (KTVI)-- A Jefferson County neighborhood has been without water since last Thursday.  It happened in the community of Valle Lake.  Officials are blaming the cold weather for freezing a water main.  John Sansoucie and his wife and seven-year-old daughter are fed up.  John Sansoucie said, “We’re frustrated really, five days without water it shouldn’t take that long.”

Ten other homes in their neighborhood have the same problem.  Christine Sansoucie works at a bank and has to look professional.  But she can’t clean her clothes because the washer won’t work without water.  She said, “I am very, very, very, angry right now.  My job is so important to me.”

The dish washer won’t work and dirty dishes pile up in the sink. They bring in buckets of water to flush the toilets and they can’t use the tub or shower to get clean themselves.  John Sansoucie said, “Right now we’re having to travel about 15 miles to take showers at my friend’s house.”  Seven-year-old Nicole Sansoucie said, “It’s just so frustrating, very stupid too.”

Valle Lake trustee said they’ve had plumbers in looking for the problem and just recently discovered the water pipes froze. The development’s own maintenance crews have also been busy repairing leaking pipes on other streets.  Christine Sansoucie said, “I am very frustrated and disappointed.”  Nicole added, “I’m mad. I’m not happy.”

A trustee said they will get this fixed, they just don’t know when and they have a long term plan to replace the entire water main that runs down the street when the weather warms up.


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    Water mains do freeze and break, but why is the City taking so long to repair it?
    You better believe if one of those “Trustees” house was without water it would have been fixed ASAP!


    My friend is a welder with one of those portable trailer type rigs. He goes on frozen waterlines ,like yuo guys have, and gets them going in a manner of hours

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