SIUE bans e-cigarettes inside buildings

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EDWARDSVILLE, IL (KTVI) – E-cigarettes are going up in smoke on one college campus.

The Belleville News Democrat reports SIUE is banning electronic cigarettes inside buildings, so people puffing on them will have to go outside and stand at least 15 feet away from an entrance to get their fix.


  • Meshell

    This is ridiculous and I’d be curious what reasoning they provided! I vape and many times it is zero nicotine. Completely non-threatening to anyone. This banning of these makes no sense. They should also ban the use of colognes!

    • Alicia

      honestly it makes sense since there can still be nicotine in the vapor being exhaled…. if someone was smoking an e-cigarette that contained no nicotine indoors it wouldnt be a problem. but since they cant really control whether or not the ecig has nicotine they ban everyone. yes the nicotine levels produced are no where near the same amount has regular cigarettes it still proves to be an issue if there is any amount at all because of second hand exposure.

  • Sally

    I also agree this is ridiculous. Perhaps they should ban steaming coffee and tea, I might get some caffeine from that.

  • Steven Sweeney

    Water vapor contains only WATER! DUH! Liberals and science..first global freezing in the 70s now global warming..Now water vapor can hurt you but not pot..Liberals and science mix just as bad as liberals and economics..They should go back to their tents in the communes and leave the rest of us alone..They can ban 20 oz sodas, baby formula and e cigarettes there..

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