Still no charges filed in deadly DWI accident

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SAUGET, IL (KTVI)-- A year after a West County woman was killed by an alleged drunk driver, that driver has never been arrested or charged.

Twenty-year-old Brooke Bahlmer was killed and her sister seriously injured when the car Brooke was driving was struck by another vehicle in early-morning hours of February 17, 2013 in Sauget.

Brooke was the designated driver during a night of fun on Laclede’s Landing. Toxicology test showed she had not been drinking. But the other young driver, who was uninsured, had an alcohol level nearly double the legal limit.

She has never been arrested or charged.

A backlog of accident cases at the Illinois State police has kept the case in limbo and left a family with no closure.

The family says the Sauget Police Department has been extremely helpful.

The police chief himself, Patrick Delaney, has expressed frustration. But he says prosecutors will not move the case forward until the accident reconstruction report is completed.

St. Clair County states Atty. Brendan Kelly says at this time he has no comment on the case.

Crash Kills Driver, Injured Two In Sauget


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    I’m not going to pass judgement here, because I was not there and have no idea what happened, but do you think it COULD be that the drinking had nothing to do with the accident?

    Too often in accidents, the driver with any alcohol in his/her system is presumed to be at fault, when often that is NOT the case. In this case, sure, maybe she had no alcohol in her system, and maybe the other gal did, but that shouldn’t/wouldn’t matter if the sober driver was running a red light with their lights off going the wrong way at the time of the wreck. And in this story, as usual, the details of what exactly happened, and who REALLY is at fault is missing, as if it doesn’t matter.

    Or, it could just be the drunk driver is wealthy and has lotsa money, thereby is untouchable! It is America, after all!

    Or, maybe law enforcement is just slacking. Although I find this to be unlikely if there was a clear case of cause in this wreck.

    • Dottie

      I just read the other article and the sober driver got lost. She ended up crossing the river to Illinois instead of back home to West STL County. So she made a U-turn. Unfortunately, it was a U-turn into the path of an impaired driver. Now….maybe that driver could have avoided the crash if she were not drunk. But I am not, repeat not, blaming the sober young lady. I don’t know all the real-deal details. However….bottom line is this: You drink and you drive and you are IN THE WRONG. Drunk driving is not an “accident” but, rather, a choice to put substances in your body and hurl a huge piece of metal down the road. And hope you make it home. Seems like the drunk usually survives and the innocents are the ones who don’t make it home. Sadly.

  • Steven Sweeney

    Typical accountability..driving at twice the legal limit, without insurance, and maybe it’s the victims fault..Congrats bye bye! Even for a liberal, you raised the bar for stupid! even pelosi and biden haven’t tried this one..YET!

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