Fort Leonard Wood bracing for major cuts

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(KTVI) – Fort Leonard Wood could lose a thousand U.S. Army soldiers by October of 2015.

According to our partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Army leaders revealed the news at a town hall meeting on base Wednesday.

The move is part of ongoing Pentagon budget cuts.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    This and the story about Boeing workers (“facing cuts” – actually, only the new workers – existing ones still keep their sweet lifetime welfare deal on the taxpayer back) sure look suspicious!

    Are these just stories designed to fan the flames of “Oh, my, we CAN’T cut our precious military! We depend on them SO much to defend us from ah, well, er – well they defend Israeal and the wealthy oil barons overseas, and that’s DERN important!”???? Gee, think so.

    As usual this is just to drum up support from the mindless masses of right-wing sheep in this country convinced we need a mutli-trillion dollar military to defend our freedom to pay higher taxes so the rich don’t have to, to get the public to cry out and save them from the budget cuts that EVERY OTHER part of government is going through.

    CUT CUT CUT. It’s unnecessary bloat and waste, talk about lazy people on welfare, Fort Leonard Wood is a textbook model!

    Then we can save the money for Social Security and Obamacare, which will actually GIVE Americans something for their money while also “stimulating the economy” and creating jobs. Good jobs. Jobs with a meaning other than pretending to defend our freedom.

  • Steven Sweeney

    Bye Bye hates the military..he fails to recognize that without them, he wouldn’t have the right to publicly air his obvious stupidity..Bye bye only loves welfare, unions, foreign aid, gangs, and the other lib freak shows..bye bye even defended a drunk driver on a post yesterday, saying that .014 doesn’t mean it’s their fault..Bye bye is the absolute inspiration for the word “libtard”..

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