High Ridge teens scamming residents with brain tumor fundraiser

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HIGH RIDGE, MO (KTVI)-- A fundraising fraud has been uncovered in High Ridge.

Residents in the Brennan`s Glen subdivision and other neighborhoods say two teenagers were going door to door asking money for a fourth grader at Brennan Woods Elementary School who has a brain tumor.

The principal at the school says it is a fraud. There is no student at the school who has a brain tumor.

If you are approached by the couple you are asked to call the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.

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  • Steven Sweeney

    Disgusting! you see these stories more now, and include women getting free weddings, guys getting free trips and so on..My father has battled cancer for years, and I have volunteered with komen a few times, and these survivors are personally affected by these frauds, as well as their families..Sure I was a dumb kid once, but if I needed money, i shoveled snow, or cut grass, or got a pt job..Put these little hustlers in juvie for a year or two, then hit them with 1000 hours of community service with truly sick folks to see the disgusting error of their ways..

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