Local Ukrainian community watches violence unfold back home

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CREVE COEUR ( KTVI)- New fighting Thursday  between protestors and police in the Ukraine in spite a truce . Demonstrators say they don't trust the government's commitment to a cease-fire. One source reports 100 people died and 500 were injured in Thursday's violence. 28 people were killed in the previous two days of fighting. The European union has issued an asset freeze and visa ban on any individuals responsible for the violence .

Back here at home some say the Ukraine violence threatens catastrophe for the increasingly divided Ukraine. Some St. Louisianans who are worried about the trouble.f  If Thursday death toll stands , it would make it the deadliest day in Ukraine since the protest began . In St. Louis., hundreds of people in the Ukrainian - American Community say they left Ukraine and came to the United States for religious and economic freedom. "They don't see any future for themselves under the current regime and under the current circumstances and have been forced to leave," said Father  Deacon Eugene Logush , St. Mary's Assumption Ukrainian Catholic Church.

Logusch says many of his parishioners are from Ukraine and still have close ties to their home country. He also says  those with family members in the Unkraine say  the disturbing images that have come out of their home country are hard to watch . "This strikes them directly and personally. It could very well be that they have friends who are literately in the streets or perhaps have  been injured or killed."

Our station  have been in touch with a St. Louis woman serving in the Peace Corps in Ukraine. Jeannette Sanchez is serving in an area several hours from the main fighting in Kiev. A Peace Corps spokesperson tells us the agency's volunteers are not allowed in the capitol.


  • byebyetheclown

    Get ready America this is a preview of what is going to happen here when the dollar starts to lose its reserve currency status. Thanks to Bush and Obama bankrupting the country

  • Steven Sweeney

    Worst part is, if Kiev was full of muslims, Obama would have sent jets, tanks, and billion dollar checks..But they aren’t, so he will watch them die while he golfs..more failed leadership from behind..

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