New Boeing deal could affect St. Louis jobs

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(KTVI) - Boeing and its machinist union have reached a tentative deal on a long term contract extension that could help save jobs by lowering the costs to make fighter jets.

The leadership of the machinist union is recommending that members accept the deal.  On comments in the summary of the proposed extension, union officials say significant layoffs are possible without a new deal.

One of the big issues at play is that production of the FA18 Super Hornet, which is built in St. Louis, could end in 2016.  And that could wipe out thousands of jobs here.  Production is also winding down on the F15 which is also built in St. Louis and the C-17 -- parts of that cargo plane are also put together here.

The new deal would run through July 2022.  The current contract is set to expire in January of next year.

Our partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch are reporting that the agreement would sweeten the buyouts for veteran workers and cut wages for many future hires.  Boeing hopes lowering labor costs will help it convince the Navy to buy more of the Super Hornets.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    So this “sweetens the buyouts for veteran workers” while cutting the pay of future hires? Not good enough.

    So we STILL can’t cut the cost that is the biggest drain on the taxpayer’s pocketbooks: The HUGE pay and lifetime welfare benefits for its current workers? Gee, ever wonder why not, when just about EVERY other worker and EVERY other union in the country is making concessions?

    Answer: MONEY! Boeing Aerospace is a HUGE union with OVERPAID workers hence LOTS of cash! Can’t cut them! Besides, it may hurt morale of building those unused and obsolete jet fighters we need anyway.

    This is still sad to see future workers not getting the sweet welfare deal current and retired workers there got off the taxpayer’s back. It’s still not fair. They should ALL see the same cuts everybody else is seeing.

    When will we address our BIGGEST budget problem: Our bloated and wasteful and inefficient MILITARY SPENDING??? Talk about spending something for nothing…..

  • Jake

    What is the deal with using footage of the F-35 on your article? It’s not a Boeing product! Almost as sad as the previous poster’s outdated liberal information!

  • Steven Sweeney

    Money for nothing is the hallmark of obama’s reign..Solyndra, billions to terrorists in Egypt and Syria, failed stimulus for “infrastructure” and of course, doubling food stamps and those wonderful obama phones, which thugs have by the handful..Not to mention all of cronies not paying taxes and the unions exemption from ACA..The vets who you slam are denied benefits and access to the WW 2 memorial and have had their meals cut down to 2 a day..If they would have donated to obama’s corrupt regime, they could be living tax free, celebrating their new appointments as ambassadors..The unions are and have always been the biggest donors to the liberals, and watching the UAW defeat in Tennesee is hopefully a sign of more to come..After all, the unions are just as corrupt and dishonest as the president..

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