Police searching for person of interest in several car thefts

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FLORISSANT, MO (KTVI)– Police are looking for your help identifying a person of interest in four separate cases of car theft.

In each case, the stolen cars had been left running unattended to warm up in the cold.

The picture was taken by a surveillance camera in the drive thru of the McDonald’s at Halls Ferry and Jennings Station Road.

Police checked that camera after finding a receipt from the McDonald’s inside one of the stolen cars they recovered.

The picture was taken just a few hours after the car was stolen.


    • lifelock

      who want do anything? florissant pd? iam of the belief his rap sheet is long…things will be done. too cynical edgarpoe

  • tom rogers

    he looks like he is a boy. you all don’t know anything about him or his life. stop being jerks and making racist remarks.

    • take race out of it

      Race has nothing to do with. But what does (one fact)-in this pic, he is in a car that the owners did not give him permssion to drive. Another fact is the car he is in was reported stolen earlier that morning.

  • Just

    Reply to Tom Rogers.

    He looks like hes in his 20s. Hes a man. You treat him as a man. There is nothing RACIST about treating him as a man.. he broke the law, he pays for his crimes. If he wants to be treated as a man then he steps up, admits to his actions, pays for his mistakes and takes it like a man should. Preying upon others is not what makes a man.

    If you can’t understand that then you have serious mental problems that you need to deal with on your own.

    By the way, if it was a white guy in that picture with the same comments, I seriously believe that you wouldnt be calling everyone a racist. So I suggest that you look into the mirror and deep into yourself and really evaluate and judge yourself as harshly as you seem to judge others. I suspect that you are not going to like what you see.

    That is if you are truly honest with yourself which I doubt.

    • Mrs. Jane Doe

      He was referring to the guy “Sweeney” for his racist comment about following the trail of Skittles. That remark was racist.

  • car thefts

    YHe is going down…..stay tuned! He got busted over a mcdonalds receipt! His face will still be plastered on news media outlets forever!! Finger prints???? The picture is also on st.louis city tip website!!! Hahah…this guy gonna have to answer why are you in this auto??? Couple yrs for a sammmwich!!

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