Thousands turn on “Porch Lights for Hailey” around the world

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(KTVI) – An online effort to show support for the family of murdered 10-year-old Hailey Owens has exploded online.

The “Porch Lights For Hailey” Facebook Page has garnered over 155,000 supporters.

The page administrator is asking people to leave their porch lights on to show support for Hailey’s family and the responses have come from all across the country and even the world.

Several supporters are posting pictures of the porch lights and leaving messages of love for Hailey. There are messages from Kentucky, California, St. Louis and even from soldiers in Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Supporters are asked to keep their lights on through Saturday.

You can visit the Facebook Page here: Porch Lights for Hailey Owens.  You can also add your pictures to our gallery above.

Light Map


  • Jeff W.

    While this is a nice gesture, the only one truly being supported is the electric companies that just recently raised all of our electric bills.

  • khearod

    in lieu of the present circumstances, first let me say my deepest most sincere condolences to the family of Hailey. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of getting The Body Book. This book offers a proactive way that may help save a child. Learn more about identifying predators, how to report, when to report and how important it is to follow through with reporting. Its a must have. Click the link and buy the book. For discounts on orders of 100 or more please inbox me on facebook and like The Body Book facebook page. Thank you. #saveourbabies

    • Vicki N

      Khearod -the book is good, however, considering he worked at the school for 16 yrs, and adults didn’t even know about his predatory nature, how is a child supposed to know? I would like to know if other employees suspected him of anything, prior to this. His computer should prove interesting.

      • khearod

        To answer your question The Body Book includes three exercises designed to educate and inform your child about appropriate vs. inappropriate touch, reporting and how to identify predators. It also includes 3 sets of CLA and Body cards which are explained in the book. The goal of this book is to save our babies from the threat of sexual abuse or any form of abuse.
        The next issue is that many people believe titles or roles equals safety. Unfortunately, it is our lack of knowledge in this area that gives predators the advantage. You may know your child’s teacher, but you do not know them personally. As parents we just assume they are “good people”. We trust them and believe a person who has a position could not possibly be a predator. It is our trust that they rely on to prey on our children.
        The final and greatest error, which is also emphasized in The Body Book, is reporting and following through with reporting. In many cases these types of individuals have prior records which indicate some form on inappropriate behaviors. The Body Book stresses how important it is to not only report predators, but insist that the predator’s credentials, licenses, permits and certificates are terminated which disallows them to assume a position associated with children at another location. The Body Book is a great tool that all parents, schools, pastors, organizations, groups, preschools, daycares and institutions need. We have the POWER to do something. Start by getting your copy of The Body Book.

  • East St. Louis IL

    I am truly sorry for the lost of your love one I will keep her in my heart and prayers my God Bless You and Your family.

  • Elaine

    First off, I want to relay my heart felt sorrow. When this happens to a child it tugs at everyones heart. God bless this famly. hopefully justice will be swift.

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