Shooting in Soulard just hours before Mardi Gras festivities

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI)- An overnight shooting takes place in the Soulard neighborhood, just hours before the kick-off of Mardi Gras events this weekend. Now police are trying to figure what led to the incident on Tenth Street not far from Shenandoah.

According to police, a man was shot in the abdomen.  He was conscious when they  arrived around 2:45am Saturday, telling them he was robbed by the two suspects. He was taken to the hospital and with non-life threatening injuries.

The shooting comes just hours before some of the biggest Mardi Gras events kickoff in the neighborhood. The Run For Your Beads 5K race is Saturday morning and the Taste of Soulard takes place both days this weekend.

Expect a large police presence in the area as Mardi Gras festivities kick into gear.  Police have added video surveillance to the area this year, though the new camera is more than three blocks from where the overnight incident happened. On Friday, police warned people not to bring guns into the Soulard area.


  • Sofia

    George, your thoughts are what fuel the reinforcement of unnecessary violence and hatred. Inner-city violence will never subside until we start using our minds to improve the social environment. A racist standpoint is an outdated stance to take, let alone an irrelevant one for this circumstance.

  • James

    This could have happened anywhere in the St. Louis Area. People get robbed/shot in County neighborhoods all the time. Keep whining about how the City is dangerous, but you all know next weekend that you can’t leave your White subdivisions quick enough to get wasted at Mardi Gras. Soulard is a great place to live and an even better place without the racism. Please, just do us a favor and stay in your White neighborhoods, where nothing bad ever happens, the police effectively keep minorities away, and your perfect life will never be ruined.


    – A white guy who willfully chooses to live in Soulard.

  • Steven Sweeney

    Gee I guess we will have to hope there is somewhere to break into cars and urinate publicly in the county..If only we could find a leader like slay…All we have are the higher property values and AAA, you told us.. BAHAHAHA

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