Citizens want more testing around Bridgeton landfill

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BRIDGETON, MO (KTVI)-- Residents living near a landfill at the center of a controversy did not receive the news they were looking for Monday night.  The Westlake Bridgeton Landfill Community Advisory Group, also known as CAG, held a meeting in Bridgeton.

The West Lake Landfill superfund site is where radioactive waste is buried.  There is an underground fire in the adjacent Bridgeton landfill.  Efforts are underway to build a barrier.  The EPA has found no immediate health risks in the area.  Many residents dispute those findings and worry about any long term health effects.

''It`s sitting in an unlined landfill, in an urban area, in flood plane, in a seismically vulnerable area," said Edward Smith, Missouri Coalition for the Environment.

The CAG invited experts to share information about how soil and water samples are analyzed and what the results mean.  Representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency made a presentation and answered questions.

An EPA representative said the most recent analysis did not change the agency`s assessment that there is no immediate health risk.

Maryland Heights resident Dawn Chapman believes the findings are far from conclusive.  She questions why testing has been limited to the site.  An EPA representative said the agency is focused on the effort to create a barrier in-between the underground fire and the radioactive waste.


  • Barb

    we can’t believe anything the EPA or Republic says about what’s in the landfill or what’s being released every time equipment fails or air monitoring fails. The government has been hiding this for decades. Republic’s only interest is their bottom line. More testing needs to be done offsite as it is believed the waste is migrating. Unfortunately we feel we have to get our own monitoring equipment to get true readings on what is being released. The government can’t be trusted and that’s sad. The EPA is suppose to protect the community and the environment, but they too can’t be trusted. It is up to this community to get answers and results. All we want is to live our lives and our children’s lives in safety!

  • Karen

    GREAT coverage and reporting by Jeff Bernthal …, and thanks to FOX 2 for continuing coverage about the Bridgeton/West Lake Landfill! If you are looking for more information and ways you can get involved you can also visit the West Lake Landfill facebook group and

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