Missouri mom wants sex offenders castrated or killed

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SMITHVILLE, MO (CNN) - A Missouri mom is pushing for tougher laws against people who commit crimes against children.

Donna Roesle started an online petition after the murder of 10-year-old Hailey Owens in Springfield.

The hair school owner is knocking on doors trying to get neighbors to sign the petition.
Roesle wants convicted offenders who prey on children to receive the death penalty or castration 30 days after the crime.

Donna Roesle, Petition Organizer: "I think anyone who takes a young child, innocent young children and grabs them for no reason at all and rapes them, murders them or anything, I feel like without a doubt once they're convicted of the crime----that they should have a death sentence and castration. Immediately? Immediately!"
So far more than five thousand people from around the country have signed Donna's online petition.

Another 300 have signed the written version.


  • Virginia

    I know many agree with this petition, and I’m in no way defending anyone who commits a crime against a child. BUT before signing this petition YOU NEED TO STOP AND THINK.There are many inmates in prison for crimes that they never committed. And yes some of the INNOCENT people sitting in prison were convicted of crimes against children. So if you sign this petition and an INNOCENT person is killed in 30 days are you partly responsible for their murder. Will you take your part of the blame for helping to kill and innocent person. we all know Ryan Ferguson wasn’t the only innocent person convicted of a crime and it takes years to prove someone is wrongly convicted of a crime. EVERYONE PLEASE THINK BEFORE SIGNING THIS PETITION.

    • Jason Brewington

      I agree Virginia.. i would have to have at least two witnesses, or a confession.. I also know people wrongly convicted, and thats not very “fair” to them..

    • Joe Bradley

      VA, Most civilized countries have abandoned capital punishment and I hope US does soon. Regardless of donna Roesle’s stupid petition and the idiots that agree with her, no one who isn’t convicted of murder is going to be executed by the government.

    • Not so Fast

      I can see the scenario now. An angry wife in the middle of a custody battle accusing a husband of molesting there 3 year old. A three year old that can be easily minipulated into telling a story that may sound suspicious. Accusing the ex of molestation is a very common tactic in a messy divorce. Laws should be dynamic enough to consider many possibilities. This Petition is too broad. It sounds more like a “your either with us or against us” tactic. The people should be more intelligent than this.

  • Bobby

    I don’t think so… So many people are wrongly convicted. What happened where you were innocent until proven guilty? Now people are guilty until proven innocent. The law is so messed up!

  • Carol

    I had made the same comment about castration no more than a couple of hours ago to a friend when I told her about our NEW NEIGHBOR who moved in a week ago. We now have a RISK LEVEL 3 offender right across the street from us, & there are young girls in the neighborhood, plus a bus stop only two houses down from him! About 13 years years ago, he raped a 16 year old girl who was drunk, & of course he denied it. He was found guilty! He had tried the same thing a few years earlier. Castrate them & throw in a lobotomy for good measure —

  • Chris

    I am all for the punishment of those people who commits a crime against any child but I think those criminals (man or woman) should have a chance to prove their innocence in court within a certain amount of time limit, I.E. Statute of limitation law. Then if proven guilty in court of law, OFFER them a choice on whether to choose castration or death penanlty.
    I am very concerned of those who rushed judgement on men who allegedly commit those crime but what about those women who allegedly committed similar crime, what then?
    I think that there should be a fair, equal, and fitting punishment on both genders.
    Please NO WITCH HUNTS!

  • Suzanne Dollar

    THIS NEEDS TO BE A FEDERAL LAW!!! Anyone man or woman who touches a child needs to have PEDIPHILE branded into their forehead! Have a sign on their house! And on their car. This to warn children to stay away!

  • Amy Wyatt

    You have my total agreement on this one!!!! Sign me up!!! They need to do this in Illinois too!!! I think they need to bring back public hanging!!! Before you hang them castrate them so they can feel the pain then hang them!!

    I think it so so wrong for anyone to do anything to a child!!! It is hard to know that some people get off or out of charges because they want to get the ring leader!!! Been through this with my own child when his real father got charged for child porn charges and got off!!! I think he needed to be put behind bars!!!

  • Charles

    Look..I think a pedophile is the lowest form of shit. If your a proven child molester, then by all means lets rid the world of you. But there has to be undeniable proof. Reliable Witnesses…marks..DNA..something that the accused cannot explain away or deny. People get accused of shit…not necessarily child molestation and are convicted by heresay and slander because somebody got mad, ect.

  • ron nelson

    when there is undisputable DNA evidance and they are procecuted ,death penalty should be enforced within 6 mths,no exception,DNA does not discrimanate and does not lie. these people dont do this just once and they serve no purpose on this earth.

  • Janet Ross

    I believe we should ALL watch out for ALL children. I was victimzed this way at 2 then 5. Joyce Meyers, Missouri Mama.. and many other mentors helped me to heal, be strong, forgive n release, hard to forget, once it was brought out from my spirit. We all get back what we put out. It is Universal law. Earth is like boot camp… Hell, sometimes. Personally Id Rather pay up front than on the back end. My concern with short window,;vigilantly style, on something that enrages me as well… Innocent people get killed. I do not want that on my hands or karma, when it was not me who committed the crime. That person riddled with evil is not my responsibility. The child IS. A child is innocent. I pity da fool who messes with em!!!! I BELIEVE We “children” are stronger than you think <3 <3 <3

  • Todd

    Castration counts as “Cruel and Unusual punishment.” you have to be daft to think this would ever have a chance in the US legal system

  • Stuntman Mike

    This will never work. There is something called the Constitution. Anyone convicted of a crime has the right to appeal. If you just want to get rid of the entire justice system and live in a backwards tyranny with no rights, I would suggest you would feel right at home in Iran or some South American dictatorships.

  • Stuntman Mike

    This is one of those knee jerk “I’m mad and it makes me feel good things” but has little foundation in common sense or reality.

  • Stuntman Mike

    I would say we should imposed the death penalty for anybody that owns a gun, immediately, without any trial or right to appeal. That will stop gun crimes real quick, wouldn’t it?

  • Rod FORD

    I agree 100 percent, maybe castrate them, and death. Their should be branded on the forehead with the letter S, so they can not hide in the population.

  • Rod FORD

    They should be castrated, Branded with the letter S no the forehead large enough so they can not hide it, and if they try to do it again, death.

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