Normandy School District security guards get physical with You Paid For It

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NORMANDY, MO (KTVI)-- Normandy School District security guards get physical with investigator Elliott Davis when he shows up to question members of the school board. Elliott Davis wants answers about why the financially troubled unaccredited district decided to sign a $130,000 contract with a Jefferson City lobbyist.

While Elliott was doing his interview the guard stepped in demanding he move away. The head of security then physically began moving Elliott back behind a barricade. The guard then approached Elliott's cameraman demanding he move back to.

You Paid For It wasn't just letting the issue drop. Elliott went back to the district two weeks later to talk to the head of the school board William Humphrey.

Humphrey wasn't at the meeting but had heard what happened. His position was essentially that Elliott got what he deserved. Humphrey said the guards were just doing their jobs, intercepting the You Paid For It team as it was in the process of getting answers for taxpayers.


  • Maybe they do need a lobbyist

    If they don’t get the law changed, they are going to go bankrupt. You did have a good point about going to their legislator. I wish you could have gotten their specific response to that question. If the legislator is not doing his job, maybe they really do need a lobbyist to initiate action before it is too late.

  • Whats the whole story?

    when it is all over, this is story is so stupid! Elliot Davis is trying to make his own rules and Fox needs to do something about this. When someone is telling you their rules he continues to do whatever he wants?

    This FOOL still posted a video which I’m pretty sure is not the “FULL” video.

  • Steven Sweeney

    You don’t need Elliot davis to show how public schools shamelessly waste our money..The normandy superintendent has been sitting at home since November, while collecting that fat 200k salary..That’s the tip of the iceberg..Proof once again how NEA and unions have ravaged our public schools..

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