‘Playa’ or ‘Sleeze’? School’s Blood Type Assignment Questioned

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MENTOR, OH β€” A homework assignment for sophomore biology students at Mentor High School is raising some eyebrows.

One problem asks students to figure who could be excluded as the father of a baby, based on the blood types of the baby, the mother and a pool of four men.

At least one Mentor parent was alarmed when her 15-year-old daughter showed her the assignment, and she saw that the potential fathers of the baby were identified as “Sammy the Playa,” “George the Sleeze,” “the waiter,” or “the cable guy.”

In another problem, the possible fathers were identified as “the bartender,” “the guy at the club,” “the cabdriver” or “the flight attendant”.”

“I can’t shield her from the world completely, but it is her education, and I just feel like they worded it completely wrong,” said parent Brandy Feldner.

We showed the assignment to a number of parents and some felt it was a typical biology lesson.

“I would think that it would be important, maybe not the exact name of the person I would think, but as far as knowing your type and my type and being able to figure that out, that’s a medical thing I would think,” said Ron Parnell.

Others found the choice of names for the potential fathers to be ill-advised.

“I’m not politically correct normally, and I think kids in high school see that stuff on TV, they see Jerry Springer, and who’s the baby’s momma. That being said, it’s a little troubling,” said parent Jennifer Hearn.

“I think they should put on instead of that is not to produce stereotypes, but to put on father A, or possible father A, possible father B, possible father C,” said parent Karel Slitz.

After Fox 8 contacted the Mentor Board of Education, the principal of the high school spoke with the biology teacher, who indicated that she had taken the standardized assignment from a resource website used by teachers.

The school district issued a statement that reads:

“We sincerely apologize. We agree that two of the questions used in a recent 10th grade biology homework assignment are inappropriate and were chosen in poor taste. Our district will use this as a learning experience to practice careful consideration and exercise good judgment when navigating through teacher resources to ensure this does not happen in the future.”

In response, Brandy Feldner said of her daughter, “I’m glad she came to me, that way we could point it out and fix it, hopefully to stop it.”

By Jack Shea


  • Everyone should be PC

    I agree, the names were not politically correct enough. Waiters and cable guys everywhere were emotionally scarred. Not to mention that the girl was possibly the only unadulterated youngster who has not been desensitized by today’s media.

  • Everyone should be PC

    Oops, I should have also included bartenders, cabdrivers and flight attendants among the emotionally scarred. Guys at clubs, sorry, I can’t exclude them; everyone knows why they are there.

  • Ralph Samples IV

    I’m not sure which is worse: Parents over reacting to a teacher trying to engage students by making a lesson less bland, OR fox 2 jamming up my FB feed giving coverage to it. And I agree with the comment above regarding Guys In Bars….. it isn’t a stereotype if it’s true, right?

  • Vicki

    I think it is funny! It keeps the kids entertained as they learn. When my daughter studied this is High School the kids got to make up names and they were hysterical. It just put a little levity into the grind of school. Because if you have ever heard High School kids talk that is the way they refer to others by who or what they are. People are too serious, if you do not want your children exposed to this kind of thing then either keep them at home and home school them and while doing this do no allow them to watch the television, listen to music or use the computer. I never thought my children used bad language because I do not but one day I was at the High School to get my daughter for a medical appointment and I heard some girl using the filthiest language I have ever heard and all I could think is, if that was my daughter I would wash her mouth out and then around the corner came my daughter yelling at some boy and it was her. I was furious and embarrassed and yes she got her mouth washed out! Kids do and act differently out in public then they do at home, this girl probably really thought it was funny!

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