Tornado damage confirmed in Montgomery County, IL

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NEAR NOKOMIS, IL (KTVI)- The National Weather Service has confirmed  that storm damage last Thursday in Montgomery County, IL was caused by a tornado. At its strongest, the tornado was rated a EF1 with 100 mph winds.

A damage survey indicated that the tornado touched down four miles southeast of the town of Nokomis and traveled just over six miles to the northeast before lifting.  Most of the damage was done to farm buildings and trees, but a high voltage electrical transmission tower was also destroyed.

Montgomery County Tornado

This tornado may be the same tornado that later produced damage in Shelby and Christian counties. The NWS office in Lincoln, IL will investigate that possibility.

The Enhanced Fujita Scale, or EF-Scale, uses 28 indicators to estimate the degree of damage from a storm, which is then used to estimate the wind speed that led to that damage.