Brutal winter causing large number of potholes

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OLIVETTE, MO (KTVI)-- The threat of more snow in the coming days forced road workers to abandon their pothole patrols yet again Tuesday night.

Even for the largest road/street/highway departments in the St. Louis area, the same workers who fix potholes drive salt trucks and snow plows.

But this time, MoDOT had a plan to possibly switch back to pothole duty overnight.

Potholes were still popping up everywhere around St. Louis.

For 27 year limo driver “Big Al” Gilke, the worst spot came to mind without hesitation.

“Price Road! I just left Price Road.  It’s ridiculous.  It’s ‘holey’. It’s got religion,” Gilke laughed.

Chervene Mitchell said a pothole got the best of her on Kingshighway near Forest Park.

“Messed up my tire, I had to get a new one,” she said.

“They’re worse (this year),” Gilkey said of the potholes.  “Oh yes, because you know we’ve been having more ice and snow this year.”

Highway authorities said their workers had actually done an amazing job on potholes considering all the snow treatment and removal work this winter.

About 100 MoDOT workers were staffing salt-brine trucks and snow plows overnight.

But they were ready to switch back to pothole duty before the sun came up.

“It’s prepare.  It’s flexible.  We have to change a lot of those crews overnight.  When they don’t see things, they go patch potholes.  We change their work plans almost hourly sometimes,” said MoDOT District Maintenance Engineer, Becky Allmeroth.

Gilkey said he understood the dilemma.

“I saw on the highway they were trying to repair quite a few of them but it is what it is,” he said.

The St. Louis city streets director said his workers hit the pothole patrol hard before switching to "snow" mode Tuesday night.  He said they were pretty much "caught up".

Highway authorities reminded drivers to report potholes to MoDOT, IDOT, or their local street/highway department to get them fixed as quickly as possible, weather permitting.

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