Should “Opening Day” be a national holiday?

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(KTVI) - Major League Baseball's Opening Day should be a national holiday.  Cardinals fans have been saying it for decades.  It's already a local holiday sort of. Now there's a national push to get it done.

The pride of St. Louis  "Budweiser" and Cardinal Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith are teaming up to try and get it done.   He joined us live from Roger Dean Stadium where the Cardinals are in Spring Training.


"I like that idea," says Erin Prange.

"You'd go for that?" asks Patrick Clark.

"Yeah I would," says Prange.

There's a petition that needs 100,000 signatures within 30 days to warrant Administration review and a response from the White House.

Unlike other petitions that want to deport Justin Bieber or get the white house to release the recipe for the home brewed honey ale, this one stands a good chance with fans.
"My girlfriends and I have gone to opening day for years and years and years," says Christy Roberts.  "A lot of my girlfriends have season tickets and I always take off work."

"I think people do that unofficially anyways," says Fernando Bermudez.  "There are a lot of sick days being taken off on that day so why not make it official.  Take it out of the back room and make it up front."

And for a petition that only began by word of mouth Friday morning at 8am, by dinner, already had more than 12,000 signatures.

"Especially in a place like St. Louis where everybody loves baseball and it's such a signature mark of our city," says Prange.  "I think it's appropriate."

I'm sure some would drink to that, especially if they had that honey ale recipe.


  • Nathan

    Why not? Some of the greatest moments in American history have come out the MLB. No doubt that MLB is deeply rooted in the history of this great nation and holds amazing memories from childhoods and many other things. I think it’s a neat idea:-) that’s my weigh in.

  • Ed Golterman

    No. This is over-adortion to an under-performing, seasonal economic, civic and cultural component to our city. Our sports and casinos downtown has not worked, and Village is not going to change that.

  • Adama

    There are more important things to worry about. I wish all of these people signing this petition would try to make a change to make the world a better place.

    • helen hoffman

      Because you can enjoy a baseball game if you want to,or just a day off if you don’t ,and who says the ones of us who have worked for years to make the world a better place can’t enjoy a ballgame ? Holidays don’t cost the economy $$$,they add $$$ to many facets of the economy.If I want to take my holiday out camping with a radio to listen to my team,I am assuredly buying things to take along that will add to many businesses economy.I usually can’t get a ticket to see my team on a holiday anyway.

  • Don

    This is the worst news article ever. Yeah, Opening Day is exciting but it is not a reason for a national holiday. Was there nothing else going on in the world today than running this VERY fluffy article?

  • james polson retire st.louis fire captain 50 year real fan, good and bad years

    $110 for a $10 ticket in the new flex plan — most of the real Cardinal fans can’t afford to go to Opening Day — even for the least expensive seat in the stadium. Why is Cardinal management price gouging Cardinal Nation? National holiday for who, not the real fans at those prices, I’ll listen to Mike on the radio.

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