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Candidate filing for Missouri Elections to begin Tuesday

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(KTVI) – Candidates can start filing Tuesday to run in the August Missouri primary election.

Starting at 8 a.m. first-day filers could get a number by random drawing to determine their place on the ballot. Candidates who filed on Wednesday or later are placed on the ballot in the order of their filing.

St. Louis county executive, prosecuting attorney, assessor and other positions will be on the local ballot.

On the state ballot, voters will decide eight U.S. Representatives, the state auditor, all the state representatives, and 17 state senators from even-numbered districts.

Here is a preview of the St. Louis County Election and the St. Louis City Election.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Now the 300 rural right-wing extremist Missourians who represent or want to represent the small minority of people in the rural areas can file for the election today!

    Meanwhile, the 15 sensible moderates who represent the majority in the urban areas, FAR more people than in the rural areas, can also file.

  • Scooter

    Your ignorance continues Bye Bye… There are many of your so called “right-wing extremists” in the urban areas as well. Thank God there is too! You may have to move to a different state come November!

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Why, speaking of ignorance, Scooter, sure there are a FEW right-wing extremists in the urban areas – but they are normally ignored like the waste of space they are and don’t stand a CHANCE of getting elected in any mostly urban areas – you know, the ones where MOST PEOPLE in Missouri live.

      The only place the real radical Tea Party extremists get elected is in the rural areas, which because they have a MUCH higher level of representation in this and many other states, is the only reason they get elected at all.

      The problem for the Tea Party is that MOST civilized people tend to live in urban areas and just aren’t that dumb, gullible or brainwashed to vote for primitive trash.

      Now go shoot yer gun! Yee-haw!

      • GG

        What is up with your opinion on rural Missouri and/or America, Bye Bye? On your “field trip” to this area were you attacked by farm animals or did the farmer scare you with his American flag, gun and bible? Hopefully mommy and daddy were willing to let you sleep with them in order to prevent the bad dreams…. Or at least they put a night light in your room.

    • nowhere_freeway

      byebye’s ignorance knows no bounds. he’s really just a laughing stock here. I for one can’t wait for the mid term elections this november. it will be just like the zimmerman acquital where byebye lost his mind (well, what there is to lose)!!!

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