Carlos Martinez “favorites” porn; Cardinals clean up his twitter feed

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JUPITER, FL -It was a distraction Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said they didn’t need during spring training:  cleaning up a player’s inappropriate tweet.

Pitcher Carlos Martinez favorited pornographic material on Twitter on Monday and by Monday evening, the link had gone viral.  Those “favorites” could be seen on Twitter  and fans and the media noticed.

Martinez’s links went viral.   A video of the links was put together by the sports gossip website Deadspin.

The St. Louis St. Louis Post-Dispatch says Cardinals management has been busy working with Martinez to clean up the mess. The trouble started on Monday afternoon and they were unable to reach him until that evening.

Manager Mike Matheny spoke with the media Tuesday morning saying, “We’re embarrassed and he’s embarrassed.”  The tweet was deleted and Martinez acknowledged his mistake, according to Matheny.

Read the full story: Cards, Martinez ’embarrassed’ by images on Twitter


  • Cardsgirl

    Not a big deal people overreact sometimes its not going to destroy the organization :/ it’s his personal life

  • John

    Wow, well he learned his lesson Twitter shouldn’t even be for kids under 13 anyways if they didn’t see that there are lots of inappropriate things on twitter overall

  • susan

    He should be ashamed and embarrassed and shouldn’t have put Matt in that situation to act like a babysitter for him or any of the team. These guys are all adults, and when you become a Cardinal, you are held to a higher standard. You are a role model. You wanted to be part of a team and a city that puts you on a pedestal, don’t act like an idiot and scum. Go to the Cubs organization then if you want to act a fool & disgrace….

    • Zack Philipp

      First before you put someone else up on a pedastool maybe you should step down from your high horse and let the man live his private life. What he does off the field is none of your concern BIGOT!!!!!

    • Mary Culkin

      I agree. He wants to take home the paycheck and Cardinal have a reputation to maintain. And that means he represents St Louis.

  • Bill

    I agree with Zack. what you do after work and in privet is up to you. First of all I think the media need’s to step back and let a man live his life as he should and wants too. I am tired of the media lurking behind corners and outing a person who is doing no harm to anyone. But when the media gets hold of it. It will cause harm to every one involved.

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