Execution set for midnight after hearings on lethal-injection drugs

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BONNE TERRE (KTVI) – The State of Missouri is set to execute convicted killer Michael Taylor, just after midnight tonight, in Bonne Terre.

Taylor was convicted of the rape and murder of a 15-year-girl in Kansas City, Mo. nearly 25 years ago. A federal judge denied a stay of execution.

In the past, the Apothecary Shoppe Pharmacy in Tulsa, Oklahoma supplied the drugs to the Missouri Department of Corrections. But, Taylor’s attorneys pointed out the drug scheduled to be used in the lethal injection was not FDA approved and will lead to undue suffering.

Missouri corrections officials reportedly testified that they kept the pharmacy’s name a secret and paid for the drugs in cash to avoid protests.

The state turned to a new drug supplier, when an Oklahoma pharmacy backed out last week.


  • MamaC

    “undue suffering”?!?!? What about the girl and her family?! You think they deserved “undue suffering”?!In my opinion it doesn’t matter what type of suffering a convict will be going thru during an execution. I think they should suffer to the utmost extreme after what they did to their victim. Karma baby!

  • Ram

    They should let the family of the victim start the process of execution. Let the convict see the family and watch them smile and laugh as they administer his last cocktail. Then while he is still alert, he can watch them dance and give each other high fives.

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