Man charged with murder after hiding in car, killing woman

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A suspect is charged in connection with the murder of a young mother attacked outside a daycare center.

St. Louis police say Dominic Arrington stabbed and strangled 25-year-old April Fields in her car after she dropped her three-year-old daughter off at Hilltop Child Development Center, January 8, 2014.

Arrington was sentenced to fifteen years in prison in 1995 for killing his girlfriend's three-year-old son. He was released on parole on 2004.

Now he is charged with killing a young mother who leaves behind a three-year-old daughter.


  • bigbob

    So can the family of the victim file a wrongful death suit against the attorney and judge that let him back on the street? Shouldn’t they be held liable for their negligent decisions? Maybe the media needs to report who assists in letting this trash back on the street so they can be held accountable.

  • lhg

    why would anyone that killed a 3 year old be back on the street? Our justice system is flawed he should have been put to death a long time ago….

    • Ethel

      Richar you are so right. Why was he out. Laws need to be changed for people like that. Its sad that justice is only served for some and I’m not speaking about race. If you kill a cop, their dog; you get so much time but why not for a child. Like that man who killed the little Caucasian girl last week. Shot her right in her head, snatched her some blocks away from her home. Man my heart can’t go out enough to these families. I’m sick of these sick people hurting children or anyone innocent. They should just kill themselves. Wish we could stone people like the old days. I’m probably wrong but hell so is he

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