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Missouri legislator looking to stop cities from banning specific dogs

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(KTVI) – A Missouri house committee is considering a bill to end what’s being called “dog discrimination”. The bill would ban cities from passing breed-specific laws against dogs such as Pit Bulls or Rottweiler’s.

Supporters of the bill say the bill would stop local governments from infringing on the rights of pet owners.

Cities would still be able to pass animal control laws, but not specific to any one breed.

A Fox Files investigation two years ago showed the breed of shelter dogs are often misidentified.

Just last month the city of Clayton reversed its rules on some dog breeds deemed dangerous.


    • RFBS

      Prob not. Building owners are not required to let ANY animal on their property. When push comes to shove, my guess is that property owners will just turn away pets in general.

  • Janice

    Why were they banned in the first place? Because they are dangerous? Surely not. They only kill people they don’t like or when they snap and revert to their breeding. Of course, we all know that people aren’t as important as dogs. Or horses, or cats or whatever.

    • Rodney loethen

      I do not no where you get you information from, but I have personally owned almost every “bad bread dog”. And have never been afraid of anyone of them doing any harm to anyone friends or my family members. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s 100% how the animal is raised. It’s people like you that give these breads a bad name. Have you or anyone you know had a bread of one of animal dogs you are talking about? Doubt it or you would know that pit bulls and Rottweilers are one of the most loyal breads there is. Check your facts next time.

      • ardie

        I whould have to say I live in texas and there are try it here to but I own 2 pits and I live there very murch

  • Dolo

    I have attempted several comments to this absurd bill and It’s hard to address this with logic. First; some dog breeds are more dangerous than others, that’s pretty obvious to normal people. Second: how did we ever get so foolish as to consider “dog discrimination”? These are dogs, not people, and banning some breeds is for the safety of the people in the neighborhood.
    Isn’t that what’s important in the long run?

    • Rick

      Unfortunately, you know nothing about dogs. Any breed from Chihuahua’s to Mastif’s can be vicious. It’s all in how the dog is raised. Vicious dogs are made that way because of their owners.

    • nowhere_freeway

      since your comment lacks logic, it should have made the cut the first time. you are living proof that forest gumps momma was right stupid is as stupid does!!!

  • Citizen

    Maybe you should ban the real viscious dog owners too, the ones that raised the dog to be mean, there would be less crime and drugs in the area. Educate yourself on the real world. DOGS ARE NOT BORN MEAN, they are raised in homes that neglect them and hurt them. My dog is my home security, but he’s also my sweet boy that loves me as much as I love him and would not dare to hurt anybody. Any dog could hurt you, but raised correctly they know what is right and wrong just like a child, it’s called training and discipline. You don’t hit your dog and you don’t hit your child. My dog has a fenced in back yard, my neighbors are scared of him then introduce yourself. He will love you, try to sit in your lap and lick your face. Any dog could be dangerous, it’s the owner that makes or breaks the dog ultimately.

    • MA

      You go Citizen, I could not have said it better myself. Those people who think any one breed is worse than any other are living in a dreamland. Thank you for posting what I was going to.

  • Unknown

    There are NO certain breed of dogs that are vicious every dog can be vicious if they are tought to be that’s what’s obvious you must be anti animal from the way you talk. I don’t think this bill is absurd at all I think you are!!

  • Chris coco

    I have had rottweiler for 15 plus years and raised 5 boys along with the dogs now my sons have kids and rotties and I can tell you rottweiler are great loyal family dogs . anyone thats had any contact will tell you the same. Point is any dog can bite.

    • kwebb769

      Chris- I’ve had Rotties for over 20 years and they are some of the smartest and family friendly dogs we have ever had! I realize that they are a large breed that is both physically and mentally strong. Owning a dog like that requires responsibility. I made sure my dogs are properly trained in obedience and have many social opportunities. Like you said, it is not the need, but irresponsible owners. They should be going after them instead!!!

  • Rick

    We need to add an amendment making it illegal for insurance companies to cancel one’s homeowners insurance because you own a particular breed.

  • Amber

    I am praying for this bill to pass!! I am a proud bully breed owner, and am a private rescuer and foster for many dogs, including several of the so called viscous breed. I have had at least one “pit bull” as a family member since I was 18, I’m now 31. I have three children, of which ALL have been bitten…by a chihuahua and an Aussie…NEVER a “pit bull” Nor have I or my husband. They are amazing animals, I love them and am blessed to have them in my life. A dog, any dog, of any breed, can be genetically predisposed to have human aggression…it’s very rare for this breed to have those problems. In studies conducted by the American Temperament Test Society, the “pit bull” scored higher than the behoved lab, golden retriever, and many other non discriminated against breeds. It’s about responsible ownership. For any breed. All BSL is doing is infringing on our rights, costing an unimaginable amount of innocent lives of a creature of God to be taken, and costing taxpayers money. Discriminate against irresponsibility.

    • SuzyQ

      Well stated Amber. Thank you. I have an 11 year old Rott & he is absolutely the most lovable dog I have ever had. I got him from a shelter a year ago. He had been past around all of his life. He is with me for the long haul. Where I live they have a Pitbull & Rottweiler ban so I have to walk him when it is dark out. I didn’t realize there was a Ban on Rott’s when I brought him home but I have fell in love with him & can’t imagine giving him up now. I am willing to take the chance of being fined for him.

  • Kate

    Finally!! Breed specific laws make me so angry!! My dog was attacked by and old hound that was deaf and blind. He left puncture wounds in my poor dogs neck and the owners did nothing to get him off. My dog is a chow mix by the way and is considered dangerous in some areas and by some insurance companies. His best friend has wolf mixed in with him, and they have never had a problem. My husband was attacked by an Australian Shepherd as a kid. Neither one of us have ever had a problem with any pit bulls, Rottweilers, or any other “dangerous breeds” but everyone I have been around has had a good owner who trained them correctly. Any dog can be dangerous, and any dog can be well trained, its all about the owner. If you are going to have a dog you have to put the time in to train them. My dog is one of the smartest and most loyal dogs I have met and its like everyone tells me, you put into your dog what you want to get out of them. Of course if someone intrudes or physically hurts me I have no doubt they will get attacked, but that’s it.

  • CarolLee

    I understand that not everyone likes dogs. I also understand the apprehension of people who are unfamiliar with dogs with regard to the proposed bill. However, the snide remarks by those people are uncalled for. As a former vet tech of six years, you learn first hand how dogs react to people they don’t know in a stressful situation and I can assure you that the Bully breeds and Rottis posed no more of a threat than any other breed. What is really funny is, out of curiosity I asked all five vets I worked for which breed of dog they least liked to work with and while I won’t name names, it was not a Bully or a Rottweiler. Part of the problem is these are the breeds the media like to focus in on and another part of the problem is that these breeds are often chosen by people who have no business owning a dog in the first place. Placed in a normal environment with normal dog owners, these dogs are just as sweet, if not more so, as any other. I believe in appropriately strict dog ownership laws but banning certain breeds is just not appropriate. I wouldn’t even (nor would any vet) ban the breed I eluded to above because they are actually wonderful family pets; their owners just have to know the personality of their dog and take any necessary precautions with them around strangers.

  • Donna Walls

    Pit bulls used to be known as nanny dogs because they were left with children to watch over the kiddos. Not exactly the picture of a vicious dog, is it?
    On another note, did I just miss the legislator’s name in the article, or was it never provided? Obviously someone is sponsoring this bill.

  • Sophia Steinberg

    Any dog that can be bred to fight and kill will always have that negative cast against them for eternity. Just get used to it and move on! You cannot change the viscous look of the fighter breeds and when they can’t differentiate a baby and maul them to death that explains a lot about their intelligence factor. A chihuahua has never mauled a baby to death. Please re-educate yourselves and stop trying uselessly to change something incapable of ever being changed.Try helping out the poor who take these dogs on because they cannot afford a pure bred dog AKC.

  • Mac

    It is not necessarily the temperament of the dog that is at issue here. It is the amount of damage that these larger, stronger breeds are able to inflict if they are provoked or are raised to be aggressive. And yes, many times it has been their handlers that have caused the issue. My daughter has a pit bull, and she is kind and gentle, but I respect the fact that she is very strong, and would be capable of much damage if she were to be provoked. So, am watchful over her when others, who aren’t so familiar with her, are around or little children, small animals. I’ve never seen her be aggressive and I am very comfortable with her, she is just a big, sweet baby.

  • ray

    i live in ferguson and was not aware of the law my pit jumped up and licked a kid in the face then a cop came and gave me a court summons stating my dog attacked some one.. and said it was aginst the law for my to have my dog.. i had her scense a pup and she is funny loving not a killer like they try and say now i dont know what to do with my dog.

    • Amy Lehmann

      Theoretically, if this bill passes, the municipal breed bans would be lifted. Contact your representative and encourage them to vote for this bill. :)

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