Mother upset after bus drops children off miles from their home

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- A St. Louis mother wants answers after a school bus driver dropped her children off miles from their home.

Rashawn Peterson says her kids' First Student Bus was late picking them up at Waterman and Debaliviere Tuesday morning and were left standing out in the cold.

On the way home, the kids were dropped off miles away from their stop.

The 13-year-old called her mother and she came to pick them up.

First Student says they took the driver out of service while they are investigating.


  • deez nutz

    She should be super mad! Kids aint sage these days what was the driver thinking! Miles is not an accident I hope the driver gets terminated for his irresponsible negligents p os

    • Tim

      What does the NEA and the teachers union have to do with the bus driver? Also the School superintendent has nothing to do with it either First Student is a bad private contracting company that could care less about the kids!

    • J Frischman

      Mr Sweeny … What does the public schools, the superintendent and his salary have to do with a school bus driver that doesn’t know how to do their job. Since you do not seem to know the school buses are controlled by a business that is contracted by the district.

      • N.kuhn

        Mr.Sweeny First student is the main provider for most city AND county public schools. This is a rare incident.

        If it were (assuming) the choice of the driver, how could the superintendent possibly know what the driver was going to do? Or First student company?

      • Steven Sweeney

        Superintendent of ANY school district recommends to the board WHAT SERVICE IS TO BE USED AND PROVIDED for the district…DUH! I seriously hope you people don’t run with sharp objects..Feel free to look online at a superintendent’s application..ALL STAFF (which includes bus drivers) are the responsibility of the superintendent! Point made! Now you guys can go back to being distracted by something shiny..

  • Matthew Beelman

    This isn’t a first almost twenty years ago me and my brother were in same situation w Washington Montessori and they bus company they used before we made it home we ended up back at the bus garage and didn’t get home until ten o’clock at night was on news and everything some people don’t use their brain!!!

  • steve

    Im suspecting we are not getting the whole story. Kids lie all the time so my question is 1. did these kids tell the driver they had permission to get off there. 2. was this a sub driver. The driver may of put them off for no reason but lets not forget that kids lie about everything but first student isn’t the best company with the best reputation out their.

  • chaleymeyer

    I wonder if this was the same driver my daughter had 2 weeks ago who drove around w/out a GPS or directions OR any knowledge what-so-ever of where the kids’ stops. Scary evening as First Student couldn’t get in touch with my daughter’s bus because he even refused to answer the radio. He just waited for the kids to recognize the roads. Yup- they drove for almost 2 hours and when my daughter recognized the area, she got off the bus. To my knowledge, there was one little girl left who had NO IDEA where she was supposed to go. And why should she; shouldn’t the adult in charge, employed know where to drive her? I’m so fed up with SLPS and their contract w/ First Student!

  • Jamie

    Yeah umm… First Student was actually my first bus experience then 2001-2002 they got into a bus strike for months with the Ft Zumwalt School district…now they maintain their own system…

  • amy

    Was the 13 year old in the ssd? My 7 year old knows what bus stop to get off on. Just saying… are we getting the whole story?

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