Police: Surveillance footage captures Frito-Lay vendor taking TVs

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Employees at the Sam’s Club in Crestwood noticed that several televisions were missing from the store. So, they checked the surveillance footage to see what happened. The video revealed a vendor for Frito-Lay taking off with the TVs. Police believe that Dennis Cardwell, 36, is the suspect in this crime.

The thief hid the stolen merchandise within the pallets of Frito-Lay products. This allowed him to remove the merchandise without being detected. A probable cause statement from the Crestwood police department says that the vendor was snatching big screens from November 17th-December 22nd, 2013. They say he also made off with other merchandise from the store.

Cardwell has been arrested but refused to give a statement. Police believe he took more that $5,000 in goods from Sam’s Club in Crestwood.


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