Hockey mom makes the save on stolen gear

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CREVE COEUR, MO (KTVI)-- A hockey mom makes the save on stolen hockey gear taken from her own garage.  Kathy Wunderlich says thieves took an estimated $4,000 worth of hockey gear belonging to her three sons.

The thieves didn`t count on Wunderlich going to resale stores in the area, asking them to be on the lookout for the stolen gear.  Creve Coeur police say Wunderlich provided a detailed description of the equipment.

"We knew the sizes of the goalie leg pads, the size of the skates, the helmets and my sons had stickers on the sides of the helmets," said Wunderlich.

She is praising workers at the Play It Again Sports store in Kirkwood.  They are the ones who spotted the stolen goods, and stalled the suspects long enough for police to make the arrests.  She is also thanking police for connecting the dots.

"I just couldn`t believe it," said Wunderlich.  "I didn`t think we`d get any of it back."

Wunderlich lives in the Ladue Oaks neighborhood.  She says the theft has neighbors keeping a closer eye on each other.

"We are much more vigilant than we`ve ever been," said Wunderlich.  "I`m even locking my cars inside the garage."