Police hope new clues lead to suspects in string of ATM robberies

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - St. Charles County detectives are hoping new leads in a string of ATM robberies will help catch the suspects.  Throughout the past two months, seven bars and restaurants have been broken into in a similar manner.

An ATM at Boschertown Bar and Grill in St. Charles County was stolen on two separate occasions.  “It was bolted to the floor the first time, and the second time they had wires going in though the cellar to keep it contained. And they cut the wires, and everything,” explains Boschertown bartender Peggy Colletta.

It’s been a similar story from St. Charles County to Lincoln County and Franklin County.  According to surveillance footage, it seems the same two men have been breaking into small bars and VFW halls through a door or window. They’ve been stealing ATM’s, money from cash registers, and change from video games and poker machines.

Lt. David Tiefenbrunn with the St. Charles Co. Sheriff’s Department explains, “They’re going in with a pry bar and just prying the doors open, it’s very quick. It seems like they’ve cased the establishments and know where these machines are.”

After two stolen ATM’s, one Boschertown bartender is sure of it.  Colletta says, “It’s obvious they had been here before, because they knew we had a new one. So that’s the scary part, too.  I could have waited on them that night, and not known it.”

But it would be difficult for her, or anyone else, to recognize them.  They two had hoods pulled over their heads and wore gloves with generic pants and tennis shoes.

Still, the ATM stolen in the latest burglary could bring some clues. It was found, empty, on the side of a road in West Alton, about three hours after it was stolen.  Detectives are currently examining it for physical evidence.

Investigators also have two vehicles they’re looking for.  From the latest Boschertown burglary, a witness spotted a white PT Cruiser or Chevy HHR at the scene.  An older Dodge pickup truck was caught on camera at some of the previous burglaries.

Investigators urge anyone who may know the identities of these individuals to contact law enforcement. The St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department can be reached at (636) 949-3020.