135 puppies and dogs rescued from rural breeder

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A rural dog breeder is closing up shop and has agreed to give all of the dogs to the Humane Society of Missouri.

For the canine cargo onboard this trailer, today is a big adjustment to their new temporary home.

"We have 135 dogs from a former breeding facility in South Missouri who are coming to the Humane Society for a chance to become a beloved pet," says Debbie Hill the Humane Society of Missouri`s Vice President of Operations.

Puppies and adult dogs were taken to the humane society of Missouri's headquarters on Macklind Avenue.

St. Louis City and will provide veterinary examinations, treatment, spaying or neutering prior to being made available for adoption. Breeds available include: Beagle, Boston Terrier, Cocker Spaniel, French Bull Dog, Pug, Miniature Poodle, Miniature Schnauzer, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier and mixes of those breeds.

"I just think it got to be too much," says Brian Thomas a statewide Investigator.  "She couldn't find anybody to help her so it just came down to the point that she needed to get rid of them."

Wednesday once these dogs were unloaded from this state of the art trailer it was off to the triage center, the humane society's new space that was once a former banking facility.

"These dogs are the perfect size for these doors?" asks Patrick Clark.

"We have a little bit of a unique situation where the Humane Society has reclaimed space," says Hill.  "So what you see before you is the most elaborate doggie door ever."

"It's nice and quiet in here and away from all the other animals," says Dr. Mark Wright the Director of Shelter Medicine for the facility.  "So it helps gives the animals, as you can see how scared this little one is."

Once they've been examined, spayed and neutered all 135 dogs will get their pictures taken and placed on the humane society's webpage for adoption.

In the meantime, these dogs will be waiting for their new, permanent home.

Check www.hsmo.org to see when they are available for adoption.


  • Buddy

    are they ging to use all the profits they made off these poor animals to pay for their care until they are adopted out? I doubt it! They should be forced to pay, or be prosecuted.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    I say those former owners should be forced to pay for their care, AND be prosecuted.

    Ah, but rural Republicans in the Missouri House are probably right now writing a law to defend the breeder and make it illegal to enforce any laws whatsoever on them or something like that, as usual.

    • Steven Sweeney

      Nixon authored and passed the Plan B compromise which watered down the original prop b which was repealed by house and senate..the southwestern MO farmers are the worst puppy mills in the country, and are dems because they get those fat subsidies…As usual, you’re wrong, dem Nixon is wrong, and dem farmers are wrong..NEXT!!

  • J.c. Reppert

    The public needs to know the name of the breeder & the facility. This situation needs follow-up as the “Breeder” may have been facing charges & decided to SAY they were “closing up shop” & surrender the pets. The breeder may wait till things cool down & then magically reopen to continue the cruel, greedy business of milling puppies.

  • Steven Sweeney

    Another puppy mill that won’t face the law..2 terms by a liberal governor nixon and MO is still one of the worst offenders in the country…You never hear of PETA say anything about puppy mills, either..They only exploit the sheep to self promote for donations..Libs are all alike..Meanwhile, the dogs suffer..

      • puppylove

        I worked there and you are grossly misinformed. There are bins and bins of dead animals in the crematory area. They make you sign a paper stating you cannot talk about the hospital. I left shortly after hearing the doctors refer to the lack of space for new pets being seized and joke about playing dr death all day when they do their shelter rounds. Later that day they were grilling a client about where he adopted a puppy from and did they want them to send the cruelty task force to go take the other dogs. The puppy was in good health and the owner looked at the dr like she was crazy!

  • Angel Sue Lankford

    I would rather the dog breeder agreed to give all of the dogs to the Humane Society of Missouri.then to kill them or hurt them.Those former owners in this story claims they couldn’t find anyone to help them.Maybe at 1 time they could afford it or maybe their health went bad quickly.It’s a whole lot of dogs and maybe there should be a law on the set amount of dogs a breeder breeds for reasons like this.There isn’t enough info.for everyone to judge in my opinion.I do feel there should be an eye kept open so they can’t reopen their business..

    • CarolLee

      Angel, you are absolutely right that if there is a silver lining in this, it is that she surrendered the animals rather than destroying them; as some backyard breeders are known to do. Unfortunately, if you read the article carefully, you will see that she is most definitely a backyard/unethical breeder. Some of the dogs she surrendered were mixed breed. Ethical breeders do not intentionally breed mixed breed dogs when so many are euthanized in shelters every day. Also, if you look closely at the video, you will see structural problems with these dogs. Ethical breeders strive to breed the healthiest dogs they can. Backyard breeders pay no attention to the medical history of the dog and charge as much, if not more than breeders who spend a small fortune on genetic testing to try to remove health issues like hip dysplasia, blindness and deafness from their lines. The truth of the matter is that dog breeding is an expensive hobby that does not show a profit until you start producing champion dogs. Anyone who breeds like this and makes a profit is not providing adequate health care for these animals.

      • PoFoke

        So according to you, only breeders who are losing money are ethical breeders. Making a profit in a perfectly legal business classifies one as unethical… such a bright douche bag

  • cbert

    Sounds to me like a private business had their property stolen under the guise of “law” for the sake of politics.

  • SHerrill

    how soon before this person decides to just start over “with a few dogs”? What can they do to be sure she is shut down for good?

  • Denise

    Did they mention what condition they are in? Sounds like just gave up the mill. If that is the case , I don’t see any charges filed. I can only hope that it will give an opportunity for other mills to do the same. These dogs will have multiple applicants each and the HSMO won’t put them down unless they are in bad shape. The sad side of this is the other poor dogs that come in during all of this will not find adopters due to so many pure reds.

  • OMG

    Did anyone listen to the report with an unbiased ear? The HSUS of STL said themselves that the kennel owner was elderly and due to the fact that they were unable to find reliable help, they decided they needed to close. Yes, the dogs were “surrendered”, but it was after the breeder themselves contacted the shelter. I believe that “surrender” in this case was used because no financial renumeration was forthcoming. As for the condition of the dogs, did anyone WATCH the video? They appeared in good weight, good spirits (other than the trauma of a new experience/enviroment) and outwardly healthy. I have worked in shelters & been involved with the intake examinations that all new arrivals must go through… that is what appeared to be happening here… weight, ears, vitals, parasite exam, boy/girl. Nothing more than that. I applaud this breeder… they took the high road & contacted an organization that they believed would give the animals the best chance of finding a forever home. Also…. at NO POINT did anyone say this was a PUPPY MILL. Not even the HSUS & you know that they would if they felt it was. In case you don’t know, there is a big difference between a breeder & a mill. My rant is ended… Let the bashing begin! lol

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