Scientist proposes Great Walls to protect the Midwest from tornadoes

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(KTVI) – We all know about the Great Wall of China. Could the Great Wall of Kansas be coming soon? Temple University physicist Rongjia Tao thinks 1,000 foot high walls across tornado alley could protect us.

He believes tornadoes will decrease in number if we build three great walls, one in North Dakota, one along Kansas and Oklahoma, and the third along south Texas and Louisiana. The theory is that the walls would stop the flow of air from north and south, preventing twisters from forming.

Other experts say that tornadoes have formed in areas with natural formations like mountains.

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  • Jim

    We can’t afford to patch potholes or fix decaying bridges. It’s not a good idea if it’s not economically feasible.

  • leo mcdonald

    But if these walls was put in place what other problems would it create maybe it would create even worse problems.for the eastern states….think about the Animals that it would cause problems for,create smog problems for bigger cities on the eastern side since the wind would not blow from the North. Scientist also thought be a good idea to bring in cane toads to Australia now they are killing everything over there.

  • tiredofourgovernment

    Where is the money going to come from? Oh wait, it must be that never ending money tree that the government has access to.
    Tell you what let’s put that wall down on the Southern border so that ILLEGAL ALIENS cannot come into the country and break more laws and live on our dime.
    Theres a change I can believe in

  • Stuntman Mike

    This is a perfect example of some white coated “scientist” sitting in an ivory tower office somewhere with nothing better to do and not having the least bit of common sense. Why not just build a large dome over the US and live in a bubble? We could be a bubble country. Did this doofus even consider the adverse effects on wildlife, animal migration, natural wind and soil erosion, and myriads of other problems? How stooopid. Why don’t we build a roof over Chicago so they don’t get so much snow? How bout a giant umbrella over India so they don’t get so wet during the monsoons? Hey, what about a giant sprinkler system over the deserts in the Southwest? I’m on a roll baby.

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