Survey suggests Hazelwood School District cut positions, pay

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HAZELWOOD, MO (KTVI)-- You Paid For It looks into a deal in Hazelwood involving a survey the school district sent to parents and staff asking their input on how to cut the budget.

But when the results came back, officials may have been stunned.

The top three survey recommendations were cut positions, cut compensation, and cut benefits.

Elliott Davis questions the head of the school board to see if the district plans to carry out those suggestions.

No commitment to do that. Cheryl Latham told me the district can't say if it will use the survey suggestions they got back.


  • Cody hurt

    This is a joke, teachers are underpaid as it is and sometimes buy supplies out of there own pocket. What they should do is cut funds to extras such as sporting teams, and allow students parents to transport children to and from events vs. Forcing them to ride those gas guzzling buses. Also as a school ask your community for help. We helped raise money from a local school to a/c units. Took two years to raise the funds but we did it!

    • Michelle

      It wont happen here Hazelwood school district (the cities that are in the district) have gone down hill soooo much in the past 15 years ( more in the last 10) lots are not even homeowners anymore and the ones that are have been there for years and have no kids in school anymore. You cant make those kinds of parents care. All they want and care about is what they get for free! Free lunch program, free housing, free medical, free utilities, free bussing, free food (foodstamps) free daycare. Its sad to know i grew up and went to school there and now they need metal detectors at the doors. Sad very sad.

      • Michele S.

        I work for Hazelwood and I am a homeowner. Hazelwood schools do not have metal detectors. Also, you are painting everyone with a pretty wide brush. Parents are active and care about their children
        Granted as in most districts you have parents that don’t care and all that can be done is trying to do your best for the kids. Our schools have full enrollment and the district earned an 86% from the state, hardly a failing district.

  • Michelle

    Well, I went to HCHS and so did my kids for a while, back then the tax payer (people that owned there home and cared what there schools and neighborhoods were like). Now so many rent and we as tax payers pay it plus food and medical insurance. They dont pay taxes and Hazelwood school is waaaayyyyy better than the city schools they were attending sooo that is that!!!

  • Kurt Lehmann

    As a public school teacher I do wonder about the salaries of top administrators. However, you get what you pay for. Good administrators deserve to be paid. Also, even if you were to cut each head administrator’s budget by 20%, you would only scratch the surface of the budget issue. Why are school districts is budget crises if we keep hearing commericials about how all of the casinos and lotteries in the state are giving back to education?

    • Steven Sweeney

      NEA wastes our money defending problem and predator teachers, like the recent examples in Michigan and California..Google centinela. California where the superintendent makes a whopping 663,000 a year while kids share books..NEA also set up the “rubber rooms’ Where problem teachers get full salary to do crossword puzzles…NEA routinely donates to democrats EVERY election, yet our kids share books and have lunches taken away..None of these shenanigans occur at private schools, because they are immune to the cancer known as the NEA!!

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