Town and Country DWI arrests exceed 10 times the average rate

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TOWN AND COUNTRY, MO (KTVI)-- Drunk drivers are ten times more likely to get arrested in one small town. Our Fox 2 news team made the discovery when noticing a spike of DWI indictments after arrests by Town and Country Police. The Court records are frightening reports describing persistent offenders. One woman reportedly blew .189, which is more than twice the legal limit.  Four indictments came down this week - all originating from Town and Country.

Town and Country Police Captain Bob Arthur said, 'There are obviously an unacceptable amount of fatalities throughout the United States. The costs are astronomical and obviously you can never put a, articulate or quantify the pain suffering of the victims and the families.'

So we crunched the data to see if the numbers back up what the indictments would lead us to believe.
The latest numbers are from 2011, broken down by the Missouri Highway Patrol and the Missouri Safety Center.

Town and Country police arrested 505 DWI offenders in 2011.  That`s a town of just over 10,000 people.  St. Louis City arrested 248 DWI offenders, out of a population of more than 300,000.

So we broke it down further, to look at the arrest rate per 10,000 residents.  For comparative reasons, first look at St. Louis County as a whole (including St. Louis City numbers).

In the St. Louis County area, police arrest about 44 people per 10,000 residents.

Now look at the top three municipalities.
Town and Country Police arrested 467 per 10,000 people.
Maryland Heights PD arrested 163 / 10,000.
Creve Coeur Police arrested 122 / 10,000.

Capt. Arthur added, 'Since they started tracking this, I believe in 1982 or 1985, we have reduced, nationwide, about 50% of all fatalities from impaired driving.'

Now look at the two biggest Departments.  Highway Patrol numbers show...
St. Louis County police arrested 66 DWI offenders per 10,000 people.
St. Louis Metropolitan PD made 8 DWI arrests per 10,000 people.

Pine Lawn shot near the front of the list in 2013, according to the Missouri Safety Center. Pine Lawn wasn't even on the radar before, but last year the Department reportedly arrested 150 people. For a city that`s only about 3,200 people, that would calculate to a rate almost equal to what Town and Country is arresting.

DWI numbers provided by the Missouri Safety Center
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  • andy

    could mean town and country harasses there citizens more. As a respectable law abiding citizen, no encounter with law enforcement is ever very much fun. That’s how I see it

  • Mom of a 2012 Grad

    Thank You to Town and Country and ALL other Departments for doing your job getting the “Tipsy/ DRUNK” SCUMBAGS off the road. Unfortunately the other Scumbags – (LAWYERS) are getting them off with a slap on the wrist.
    Maybe we should start making ALL of the scumbags live together in prison where they belong, this INCLUDES the lawyers who get tipsy/ drunks out of jail!!!!

  • Steven Sweeney

    Great job by Town And country PD..Drunk drivers are always repeat offenders..Just look at the Kennedys..No parking tickets here, just protect and serve as they are supposed to do..thumbs up to the chief and all the officers..makes you wonder how many lives were saved..

    • Mr Popularity

      Typical Tea Party wacko, trying to inject a Kennedy reference into an article about how much dough Town and Country is making off DWI arrests. Wow, what a nitmunch

  • Mr Popularity

    is this really any surprise? Its not a coincidence that Town and Country has one of the poshest Government centers and municipal courthouses in the country. The article should go into more detail regarding the REVENUE Town and Country gets from these DWI arrests.Its all about the $$$ people.

    • mr popularity is a tool

      Well look at you getting all occupy wall street on us. Ironic you use the Tea party as a pejorative the complain about Town and Country making too much money and having too nice of a government Centre. Ironic the Tea party is for smaller government and fiscal responsibility. Stop watching Rachel Maddow on msnbc you’re losing what IQ points you have left.

      • Stuntman Mike

        Well look at da wittle Teabagger, all up in arms. If you’re so anti government laws and regulation, I assume that you are actively lobbying against stricter immigration laws and laws which prohibit gays to marry etc, right nipnoodle?

  • RBN

    Do you think it has anything to do with safety? NO WAY it is a cash cow and it isn’t going to stop. what does T&C have as tax revenue real estate not much else.

    • smit

      And yet, drinking and driving is illegal anyways, so why not get money off of those who incompetently break the law? Your ignorance is their gain, and frankly even if their ONLY purpose was to get more money (which it’s not), then so-be-it. It saves lives, period.

    • Todd

      That would be why there is a push to keep lowering and lowering the limit, to the point that you go out , have 2 beers and have to wait an hour to drive. Its not a safety thing. My grandpa drank as soon as he woke up until he went to sleep, and he drove all the time. Its not like they are seeing someone who cant control their car, they are just pulling over random people. Id wager at least half of the people were just at the legal limit, but were coherent and essentially sober.

  • jen royer

    If people weren’t drinking and driving then they wouldn’t be getting the DWI. It is not OK to drink and drive as long as you don’t get caught. Every DWI is a potential life saved. As a paramedic I get tired of treating critically injured people as a result of drunk drivers.

    • rob

      Jen- I agree 100%. I am a nurse at a major trauma center here in STL, and I have seen MANY lives ruined and families shattered because of drunk drivers. And, more often than not, the patients we are dealing with are just innocent victims. They tend to be injured more often than the drunk drivers themselves. Maybe the people who think sobriety checkpoints should hold the hand of a mother who is crying, because her daughter is dead, and she can’t even attend her daughter’s funeral because her own pelvis is shattered, her lung punctured, and her legs broken. And then, go down the hall and talk to the drunk driver from that accident who is complaining because he has a broken arm and now he has to find a new car. I had that exact scenario. It’s sometimes hard to maintain a professional appearance, when what you really want to do is slap their face and tell them to shut the hell up- because you killed one person and ruined another.

    • Jenni Lovsey

      When you claim that virtually every single person that you pull over is DWI, then it’s not about safety, it’s about money.

  • rob

    Call it a cash cow, or whatever negative thing you want. If you don’t like it, don’t drink and drive, then you won’t have to hand over your money. I get so tired of people railing on the police for these things. How about railing on the people who make these type of checkpoints necessary? You are all so hung up on your probable cause and your rights. We also have the right to feel safe driving without the fear of some fool injuring or killing us with their irresponsible acts.

      • bangdiddy

        Actually most cops I would say 75 percent if not more would rather not write a DWI because of the paperwork involved and how much time it consumes. But hey you seem like a very intelligent person and you know all. Let me guess all this wisdom comes from years on the job as a cop? Nope, I did not think so… It’s people like you who blame others for your stupidity and mess ups in life. Take responsibility for your own actions part of being an adult. Learn it some day your kids will thank me.

  • Marion Klitzing Theisman

    The arrests ate being made, but there must be harsher penalties. Stop letting chronic offenders off with probation. They just wait until probation is over, and drink and drive again.

      • rob

        OK- cfafv, come up with a plan, then? What would your solution be? I sure hope that 4th amendment protects you the next time you are on the road with a drunk driver. Wrap your family tightly in that amendment, and tell them they are protected. I’m not saying the police should be able to storm into your house, but if you are out on the PUBLIC streets, the public has a right to feel safe. If that offends some people’s sense of fairness and rights, so be it. For me and my family- I’m OK with offending a couple people. It’s worth the risk.

  • John R. Givens

    Cop’s have become revenue collectors, when you start analyzing revenue generated vs man hours worked. Cops need to produce a positive net flow per shift. Its not about safety! Its about money!!!

  • yomama

    drunk driving is horrible and im totally against it , its real and taking lives everyday but I totally agree with jenny theres no way t&c are reporting the right info , money is the object for all of that . bs is just that , bs !!!

  • Todd

    so few in the city cause they smoke weed!!! Town n Country residents, ya’ll need to get on the band wagon… This will be bad for business in Town n Country I won’t be driving thru there or visiting any of the pubs or sports bars or restuarants that serve. Sounds more like a trap.

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