10-year-old boy helps nab accused burglars

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PELZER, TX (WHNS) — A 10-year-old boy is being called a hero, at least by his family, for helping bring down a couple of accused burglars.

Dallas Mahaffey said he was playing in his yard Tuesday afternoon when he noticed the pair.

“I was just sitting under a tree and I noticed this blue truck come by,” explained Dallas. “I didn’t recognize the truck and there was two people coming by slow and they were looking at our house and that’s not usual.”

Dallas said most people fly by his house and he keeps a pretty good watch on his neighborhood.

“Everyone watches around this neighborhood because most of the time people are at work,” said Dallas.

Dallas’ neighbors just happen to be his aunt and uncle, who weren’t home. He knew no one should have been around, and then Dallas said he saw the truck back at the house.

“They got out of the truck really quick and about five minutes later they came back with something big and kept on coming back and forth,” he said.

It wasn’t long until Dallas’ dad showed up.

“I told him there was some people come by about 20 minutes ago and they were running back and forth with stuff and he said, ‘Oh, no.’ He said, ‘Jump in the car,'” Dallas said.

The two jumped in Dallas’ dad’s truck and they took off after the blue truck. They followed it to the Greenville County line where deputies started following the truck along Interstate 85.

Deputies pulled the truck over at the Pelham Road exit right in front of FOX Carolina during rush hour. Inside they found Alfred Williams and Sarah Wilson, and deputies said there was a number of stolen items from Dallas’ aunt and uncle’s home.

Williams and Wilson are facing a slew of charges and are behind bars.

As for Dallas, he says he’s just happy they were caught.

“If we wouldn’t have caught them they probably would have gotten away and everything they [aunt and uncle] probably be poor by now trying to buy it all back,” Dallas said. “It felt pretty good. Because they’ve done a lot of stuff for me and I thought I should pay them back by that way.”

By Cody Alcorn

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