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Chesterfield parents asked to watch for suspicious man at bus stops

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UPDATE:Chesterfied police tell us they have identified the person some parents thought was suspicsious.  Police say he is a lawn care worker who had pulled over because of trouble with his pickup truck.  Police say there is absolutely, nothing suspicious about the man.

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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KTVI)-- Police are hoping to identify a suspicious person spotted near a number of bus stops in a Chesterfield neighborhood near Baxter and Clayton Roads.  Police received reports of an older, heavy-set, white male with gray hair and a gray beard.  He was driving a small maroon or burgundy pickup truck.

Police say even if there`s a perfectly good explanation for the man`s presence, they still applaud parents for reporting their suspicions.

"They`re the ones who know who belongs in the neighborhood and what cars belong in the neighborhood," said Chesterfield Police Lt. Mike Thompspon.  "When they see something that doesn`t fit, absolutely we want them to call us."

The Parkway School District sent out warnings to parents and students of schools in the area.  Here is the letter sent from Parkway West Middle School:

Dear Parents,

I want to make you aware that the Chesterfield Police Department is currently investigating reports of a suspicious vehicle in the area. The vehicle is described as a small, maroon or burgundy pickup truck and the driver is an older, heavy set man with gray hair and, possibly, a gray beard. The reports vary, but on at least one occasion the man was seen walking outside the truck with the hood up.

If you know who this man is or have any information that could assist in the investigation, please contact the Chesterfield Police Department immediately at 636/537-3000. To our knowledge, the man has not attempted to contact any of our students but we wanted you to be aware as a precaution. Parkway`s Security Department and SROs are monitoring the situation closely and working with the police to determine whether we have any reason for concern. We have also let our bus drivers know so they can be on the lookout for this individual. You can help, too, by watching for this vehicle and reporting anything unusual to the police.

We will continue to be vigilant about protecting our students while they are in our care. I encourage you to spend a few minutes with your children and remind them about what to do if a stranger approaches or if they feel uncomfortable in any situation out in the community.

Absolutely nothing is more important to us than the safety of your child. Thanks for everything you do to help keep our students safe as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.


Linda A. Lelonek


    • debby

      Id rather tell a nosy loser! So why don’t you shut up already! Nobody agrees with you. So shut up and move on to your next worthless cause!

  • Madison

    You said yourself you heard the report made and didn’t think anything of it until you later realized they were talking about him and only then went to the police. So you yourself knowing his description, car he drives and whereabouts didn’t realize they were talking about him, but your claim is that his reputation was ruined. The only reason anyone would even remember this mans description or vehicle a week from now is because of the “legs he’s growing” due to your continued “friendly” posts.

  • Diana Malan

    No, what was meant by not “thinking about it” was, so many of the Chesterfield citizens were saying, “why didn’t he turn himself in” I said, that since he was completely innocent, he did not think anything about it – such as, “is that me?” Of course he would not think that, he had no idea, he thought it was strange that there was someone describing him, but he does not have a beard, never has…
    The next thing you know the police are contacting his work, and everything was cleared up WAY BEFORE the news retracted.

    All of you Chesterfield people did not know, but everyone wanted to say this or that (without the knowledge).

    It is all good, He has forgiven everyone for the whole thing. Wentzville has issued an ordinance that in our town people who solicit door to door are to wear a badge that they get from the city and have it displayed so it is conspicuous.

    If the neighborhood watch would work on their tactics…this could turn out for good.

    So, the information in your post is incorrect. But you did not know, I forgive you too, I will take Lawn Care man’s lead and go with it.

  • Diana Malan

    I also will apologize for sharing my anger. It is a very frightening thing to have this show up on your door and out of the blue, with no reason.

    Hopefully, this has brought attention to flaws, and they can be corrected so that EVERYONE feels safe, and no innocent individual has to be afraid.

  • Diana Malan

    Also Madison, he did not stop at bus stops…why would he think it was himself they were talking about. His truck overheated and he stopped to put antifreeze in his radiator, and he moved on.

    Have you ever tried driving in a neighborhood where the bus is picking up students? Do you stop when the bus does? Yes, almost everyone does, it is a law.

    So, the best he could think after the whole thing is that he had to stop for a bus, he could not pass it.

    That is why he did not think it was him.

    However, it is very concerning when something happens to a child.

    But (and look it up if you want) it is true that it is usually someone that the child knows and trusts…this is true.

    Everyone should be and feel safe, the children, the women, and the men.

    • debby

      I can’t help it! You are such a joke it’s just to funny not to read! Madison doesn’t have questions for you? She knows exactly what she is talking about. So shut up and quit you have disgraced your family, friends and yourself. You are a pathetic attention grabbing you know what! So pathetic and sad!

      • debby

        Why would I stop when every time you post its like reading a new funny joke! Can’t stop laughing at you.

  • Diana Malan

    I am sad that it entertains you that people were frightened and a family was frightened, and when trying to work it out, at least from my point of view, you find it funny.

    I don’t think the people of the neighborhood watch think that it is any more funny than I do.

  • debby

    I think you and only you are funny and maybe a little unbalanced/psycho? Never said anything about anyone but you!! Don’t try and put words in my mouth you are a funny and truly a sick person. Please get help and I feel sorry for anyone who knows you! Do you wonder why so many people think you are completely wrong? What a coincidence? Nope you are wrong! Live with it! Wrong wrong wrong!

    • debby

      The only stage is the one you created! I am in the audience watching a great comedy with the star actor a psycho named Diania!

  • Diana Malan

    This is my last post…I just want to say that this whole thing has caused me to realize how much the world has changed.

    45 years ago, I was walking to school, no worries…except when we picked an appled out of the old lady’s tree, she would yell at us and tell our parents. We did not even lock our doors, in fact on a hot night, we might have left the door open and windows as well. In fact, I remember that it was such NOT a big deal that at 10PM, the guy on tv would say, “It is 10PM, do you know where your children are?” And today that would cause chaos, but then it was because we played outside until after dark without worry.

    35 years ago, when I had my first child, they played outside with their friends and nobody was in fear of their child being harmed.

    25 years ago, we would hear of things, but it did not cause us to “fret” over it. People could go and come and nobody worried.

    People do not think the same. Nobody would of even thought twice about apologizing for their mistake. Nobody (at least that I knew or heard of) would think that people’s fears and such were entertainment.

    What a shame.

    • rick

      It’s about time you shut up! Thought you would never stop! Good riddance and stay away from Chesterfield!

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