Former Alderwoman Kacie Starr Triplett admits to diverting campaign funds

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Last November alderwoman Kacie Starr Triplett stepped down from her position as 6th ward alderwoman. She has now admitted to the Missouri Ethics Commission that she used campaign funds for personal use.

The state commission fined Triplett $100,000 for a variety of campaign finance violations. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Triplett and her campaign committee spent as much as $18,900 on questionable purchases. This in includes a mortgage and student loan payments.

Triplett was elected to the St. Louis Board of Aldermen at age 26 in April 2007. She was one of the youngest elected leaders in the city of St. Louis.

Since stepping down Triplett has been working as a consultant at the Behavioral Health Network of Greater St. Louis.

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Triplett released this letter to the media on Thursday:


Dear Friend:

I am full of regret for not fulfilling the trust, support and friendship you have given me. But most of all, I am sorry.

It will soon become public that, while serving as Alderman, I converted campaign funds for personal use. My actions were illegal and indefensible.

Regrettably, my mistakes resulted not from need, but from greed and selfishness. I fell into a behavior in which, if I desired something that I could not afford, I used my campaign funds to buy it. This was wrong.

My conduct began on a small-scale that I erroneously convinced myself was innocent and harmless. However, I now realize that the misappropriation of any amount is improper and beneath the standards for anyone who serves the public.

Last fall, I contacted the Missouri Ethics Commission to notify them of my violations of our state’s election law. Along with legal counsel, I met with them in Jefferson City and laid out every dollar spent on personal use. We provided every transaction and bank statement in an attempt to provide complete transparency for my mistakes. This week, we finalized an agreement documenting my violations and stipulating the restitution and fines I will pay as a result of my actions.

While the official inquiry has concluded, this letter is the first step of my journey to rebuild the trust of individuals like you. So many people took a chance and voted for me at the age of 26. They knocked on doors for me and stood out in the rain for me. You believed in me and I know I have disappointed you. Nothing is more important to me than repairing the damage I have done.

Please know that I am committed to making good on my very bad judgment. I am not yet sure what God and the future holds for me, but I know the first step is to admit what I have done and to no longer keep things in the dark.

Again, I am deeply sorry for my actions, ask for your forgiveness, and welcome your prayers and continued friendship.


Kacie Starr Triplett


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    • RETIRED1

      The people making the racial comments are hateful losers that are mad that they have achieved so little in life and so many blacks have excelled past them inspite of their white privilege. They have to attack blacks to make that sad loser lives less pathetic!

      • RBN

        nope not even close. i looked at the photo and called it as i saw it. Since when is an Alderperson something to strive for? How would you know what level i have achieved. i can read what she “achieved” she helpy selfy to the CASH! Haaaaaaa typical criminal trash nothing to do with race.

  • Happy1 4 u

    While I am disappointed in what was done. I must take my hat off for her transperency. Most people would have kept quiet and pray what they did stay in the dark. HOWEVER she came forth and admitted to it and is paying for it. So hats off to honesty and owning a mistake. So many lessons learned in this…When we know better we do better…. Everything in the dark comes to the light… AND when we do wrong or make a mistake OWN IT! Thank you for your honesty Ms. Tripett.. Keep your head up

  • morrow

    She said that she want’s to tell because it will be coming out. So some-one must have threaten to tell and she chose to beat them. Is this why she quit being an alderwoman all of a sudden? And what does she mean by stealing out of greed and not need, she stole just the same and she needed the money.

  • morrow

    The first report on this she stated that she was not making a lot of money as an alderwoman, something that she knew going in. I bet Lewis Reed is really upset with her right now. Why is it she can pay and not go to jail? She should be arrested right now just like all the others.

  • Steven Sweeney

    She joins a long list of inner city political thieves: Ray nagin, jesse jackson jr, carl officer, charles rangel, ..why doesn’t she get jail time? She made PLENTY at that “job”…double standard..

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