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Raw Video: Officer shot, suspect killed in fiery crash

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WOODSON TERRACE, MO (KTVI) - A suspect is dead and a St. John police officer is shot after a fiery early morning crash in Woodson Terrace near Lambert Airport Thursday.

Investigators say police actually came under fire as they tried to rescue people from the burning car.

A viewer, Andy Marks, witnessed the car fire and submitted video to FOX 2.  You can see the billowing flames and smoke and even hear what sounds like gun fire.

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It all went down around 2:30am at Woodson Road and Natural Bridge. Police tell us a St. John officer saw a red Cadillac speeding on Woodson Road.

There were three people inside it.

By the time the officer caught up with the car, the crash had happened and the car was on fire

Several other officers from different departments also arrived on the scene.

As officers were rushing to the car to try and rescue the people inside, St. Louis County Police say someone in the car opened fire, hitting the St. John officer once in the chest.

Fortunately, the officer was wearing his bullet proof vest and has already been treated and released from the hospital.

Officers fired back at that point.

When it was over, one man inside the car was dead.

Police rescued one woman from the car after the exchange of gunfire. She only has minor injuries.

The third person in the car was another woman. She was already out of the Cadillac when police arrived.

We are also learning more about a second scene in all of this on Engler, not far from where the crash happened. A fight took place at this location.

County police say the man who died in this incident stayed at a home there where police had a strong presence Thursday morning.

At this point, we are still waiting for police to release the name of the man who was killed as well as any details about the officer who was shot.

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  • diana

    that’s why I moved away from there .where that happen I lived 2 block up the street ,to much crazy things been going on there and I grow up there and have seen the streets getting bad that I do not want to live there any more

  • God bless America

    The area isn’t that bad. Some of the people on the other hand, need to mature, get jobs and act like adults. The police aren’t the problem. I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say, there aren’t any neighbor of year awards being handed out in the area.

  • J.D.

    History is in the mind of the teller. the news and police are going to tell it like they want! Guess we will have to see what the witness says. Also kraftig, no I am not stupid just not scared to say how SJPD is.

  • Amy

    I wanna know more about this story. The cops in that area can be pretty crooked and I say that from several experiences. I’m not a drug pusher or a criminal either for whoever wants to go there. It’s not odd that they run. What’s odd to me is that even in a burning car they still chose to get fired on. It makes me wonder what else was really going on. Did they kill someone somewhere else like at that house? Were they a 3 time loser fixing to do life. This story is interesting in a way. If it was over drugs it seems most people would of let them burn in the car and got saved, or something different.

  • Amy

    I love everyone who has already labled the person who is dead as having done some heinous act. How do you know? All it said they were guilty of was speeding. It didn’t say who fired the shot.

  • Jane

    The man who parished at this scene had an extensive criminal history and had been in prison more than out. He had only been out this time for a week.i feel we need to pray for the woman in critical condition and the woman who passed away. And lastbut not least the officer.i can assure you alcohol and heroin played a part in all of this. A sad sad situation for all invoved

      • Tara

        Clearly she doesn’t & what I know as well as verified as fact is: the victim was recently released, well over a week ago! He went in last week for a domestic charge, but that is a common charge & could be given for a variety of reasons. I didn’t ask him when I talked to him the day before he was murdered. That’s exactly what is death should be labeled as A MURDER! When he did do time he purposely was put in custody was to right a wrong against a different current inmate. That’s his desecration & is the most justifiable time one does in my book!

  • Melissa

    My father is an Officer for the SJPD…. people need to remember that police officers, like soldiers overseas, place their lives on the line everyday they show up to work to protect the innocent. Life is full of bad and negative things, every field of work has it’s good and bad aspects. Most people who make the choice to be an Officer of the Law do so because they care about people; protecting and serving. It breaks my heart that everyone looks so negativly on Law Enforcement; yes they right ticket and arrest people and I dont always agree with the laws Police Officers are required to follow, but it doesn’t make them bad for doing their jobs… fight the laws, not the officers. I want to see my father come home from work everytime he goes in, I don’t want two officers showing up at my door telling me my father is at this hospital or worse, I will never get to see him again. Until you know an officer and heard stories of what they encounter on a day to day bases… don’t pass judgement. They see the worst of the worst and are still expected to see the best in people and not assume the worst. Show them respect and you will see it in return. It’s truely a sad day when officers rush to a vehicle to assist in saving their lives (who where in the wrong for running to begin with) and open fire on an officer. These officers are sons, daughters, husbands, wives, dads and moms…It’s sad, but I am so increadibly happy that Officer XXXX was not injured further or any of the other officers that responded to the scene. I pray for a speedy recovery for the officers involved that night and their families. Unfortunate reminder of what I have to worry about day to day with my father. This story was a happy ending, the Officer is safe, but don’t forget about all the Officers and Firemen that lose their lives protecting us… thank them, respect what they deal with, and don’t forget there is a charity for fallen Police Officers and Firemen… They assist the families of fallen heroes in the Great St. Louis area.

  • Tara

    Oh Jane where do u get ur inaccurate info?! Do u make it up & hope it’s correct? Or do u just make it up & because this story has so many holes hope ur lies goes in them? Ur a dum dum too!

  • Tara

    RIP Damon~I’ll see ya on the other side! Hope we run into a few if these idiots when I get there!

  • Tara

    All idiots that talk outta their a** deserve to die too!

    To the windy daughter of the SJPD-please know if ur father wasn’t one of the officers at this scene then how is ur statement not judge mental in itself! Fact is the story doesn’t make sense which leads me to think foul play. The report states that the STPD (dunno why is in all caps) that he excessively sped past never pursued the car at all & ur own statement regarding writing tickets is their job. There are bad & good cops. There are good and bad neighborhoods. I will NEVER get to see him again. It’s favorable for u that u’ll see ur father. I love and miss him. I dunno what happened that night, but did killing him prove anything positive? Nope

  • Jane

    Tara…I get my info. from knowing him personally for yrs. Dont try to make Damon sound like a saint he was far from that. His addiction and uncaring for ppl is what brought him from ur demise.He had again been arrested on Feb. 22,2014 for domestic battery again. His rap sheet is as wide as this state. He was a good guy. But drugs fucked his whole life up.

    • Tara

      Yes he did get released in Feb. for domestic-again that could be a variety of different offenses. He did nine days which is a long time for a first offense. I met him around the first of Jan. & know his drug of choice was marihuana! He did time for beating the s*** outta someone that hurt his daughter. There’s a statement as his cover photo on fb that verified that. He was very strong, but never hit me. I’d met him the day after or so when he was released from the daughter charge. Wonder how u know him? Name doesn’t sound like I heard it before? Wonder if u know the bm that deleted me, but I gave vm’s as recent as the day before? Hmmmmmm

  • Tara

    Thank you!!! Fly high & keep looking out for me Damon until next time<3

    The only people that know what happen are the ones' there & the fifty million officers. The truth won't bring him back, and that's all that there is to it. Heartbroken ain't the word. The voicemails replay and text have been almost memorized. I'll never forget what you've done for me~EVER! U were determined to be more than jody & now you r forever in my heart. I love you

  • Jane

    Tara…ur not even one of damons friends on fb. And by ur statements in the last reply you have gotten the wool pulled over ur eyes and i am srry but u dont or didnt know.the real damon. Look i am srry for ur loss i really am. Just a shame you didnt know him better. But i guess granite city that would be hard. If u read the cover page ..that is for his sons in 2012. Lets just stop you should go.look up case net and read

    • Tara

      Jane the only portion of ur comment that has any kind of value was to just stop, and I will after I call u out once again. I’m glad I knew the “Damon” u claim I knew-sounds to me like ur the one that needs the pity. He was good to me & never once seen or hear of him referencing heroin. Who lives in Granite City?! Ur fb creeping lead u in the wrong direction. In addition-detective jane his baby momma deleted me from his Facebook & phone, thanks to her I’ll never be on his friends list. That’s okay though because if he did half as much for u hoes as he did me especially in the cut short time-I’d feel like a pos if I were u too(: I mean this with all do respect.

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