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Police may be using military vehicles because of Pentagon cuts

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – We may soon see military in armored trucks roaming our city streets. The reason, the Pentagon is looking to drastically cut back America`s military might. One way of getting rid of expensive battlefield vehicles is by giving them to police departments.

An estimated 13,000 mine-resistant vehicles are expected to be distributed around the country. They weigh about 20-tons and get five miles per gallon.


  • Adama

    Nothing says “to serve and protect” like mine resistant armor and 5 miles per gallon. And I highly doubt the governement will just “give” them to police.

  • Jim

    If the military is going to get rid of their vehicles, you aren’t going to see military in armored trucks roaming the streets, you’re going to see policemen in armored trucks. Isn’t this what the article is trying say?

  • morrow

    We’ll , we already have the verbal emergency speaker system going on that we test once per month, and now we place the military vehicles in the police depts…i don’t know about any one else but it sure sounds like the ingredients for martial law to me, because at any time that is enacted, the police will take a back seat to the military who already have experience in those vehicles…be it american troops or U.N. troops. um just saying

  • Brain

    If martial law isn’t obvious enough on the streets of St. Louis, then all of the military vehicles that are on the way just might highlight this fact. The police are being militarized in preparation for a national police state. The signs are everywhere, we just refuse to acknowledge that America has declared war on it’s citizenry. That’s why they want your gun.

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