Winter storm covers region in ice, snow is back for the afternoon

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(KTVI) - A major winter storm rolled into the Bi-State area on schedule late Saturday night. It started as freezing drizzle late Saturday evening making for some slick spots on untreated secondary roads, subdivisions, sidewalks and parking lots. Freezing drizzle transitioned to sleet in the early morning hours of Sunday.

Precipitation will come in waves Sunday.  The first wave of sleet and snow will wind down my mid-morning.  A bit of a break is expected late morning into early afternoon before another wave ramps up.  This will be mostly snow for St. Louis and a mix of sleet and snow further south.

Check the latest radar image here:

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Snow fall total map:

Light Blue: This zone will be all snow with 4” to 6” expected.  These totals are down from yesterday as it looks like snow ends in this area earlier in the evening.

Darker Blue: Snow for metro St. Louis, the I-44 corridor and areas along and north of I-64 in IL.
The overnight freezing rain has transitioned to sleet and is beginning to mix with snow. Glaze icing has coated cars, trees, parking lots, and sidewalks. Power lines are also coated, but not enough for power outages. Precipitation will be a mix of sleet and snow by mid-morning. There still looks to be a break in the precip late morning and early afternoon, before the snow returns in the afternoon. Accumulations of sleet and snow combined will be 4” to 6".

Pink Zone: From Salem, MO through Farmington, to near Rend Lake, IL. This is the northern edge of a nasty ice storm. Freezing drizzle began just after midnight. There have been some early morning thunderstorms bringing heavier sleet/freezing rain accumulations. Significant freezing rain and sleet accumulations of 0.2" to 0.5" are likely before a break late morning. Sleet and snow return Sunday afternoon with a steady snow Sunday night into the early hours of Monday. Snow totals are up for this region, 4” to  to as much as 7” of sleet and snow.

South of a line from Ellington to Carbondale, this could be a crippling ice storm with ice accumulations of 0.5” to almost 1.0” are possible along with accumulating snow and sleet.

This entire mess will be followed up by near record cold for the month of March with overnight lows near or just above zero by Monday night into Tuesday morning.


  • W. E. Sekis

    This too will pass, and before we know it, Spring will spring. I say this from sunny and warm Orlando where the temperatue will be in the upper 70s and low 80s. Wish I could mail some to you all.

    • Aaron of Festus

      I’ll just bet when someone hands you a box of dog doo, you’re the type that goes looking for a puppy.

  • Aaron of Festus

    Yeah and verily shall the heathen avoid worship when snow and ice coateth the land, and all such sinners shall be cast into the pit of everlasting darkness and torment, and the she-beast of the pit shall flay them alive with its teeth rending their flesh from their bones drenching its maw with their godless blood.

    Deuturignomy 3:35-36

  • Aaron of Festus

    He who driveth his chariot if mad when snow and ice layeth about the land disturbing the minds of the sane, he is guilty in the eyes of the lord. The priests of the lord shall subdue this man and hold him in the gaol. When in the spring the flowers bloom and the bees buzz, the priests of the lord shall bring him to the field. In the field an ant hill shall be found. Into this ant hill shall be driven a pole of the thickness of the calf of a man and the height of two men. He who is corrupted with ungodly haste shall be bound to this pole and smeared with the honey of the bees who feed upon the blossoms of the field. There he shall be left for two days and two nights. None may speaketh with him or feed him or share drink with him or clean him. After two days and two nights the priests of the lord shall come to him and if he hath repenteth his sins shall release him. If he hath not repenteth his sins, they shall stone him unto death. If the man forgets of his repentance and again becomes possessed of the madness of ungodly haste he shall be taken by the priests of the lord and returned to the field where he shall dig a hole and the preists of the lord shall put him in the hole buried to his chest and stone him unto death.

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