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Accidents close I-70 in Warrenton, Pine Lawn, Hwy 61 in Lincoln Co.

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(KTVI) – It's been a rough morning on the roads for traffic.  Ice and sleet temporarily closed Interstate 70 in Pine Lawn Sunday morning, eastbound I-70 at mile marker 187 near the Truxton exit in Warren County, and Highway 61 in Lincoln County.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol closed a portion of eastbound I-70 Saturday night after a semi-truck accident around 11:30pm Saturday. Traffic has been diverted to the frontage road and is backed up for miles. Westbound traffic is also affected, but not as much. Numerous vehicles are in the median and on the side of the road. They have been tagged by the Highway Patrol.

Shortly after 9:00am Sunday, one lane was opened againand the traffic backup was cleared. Crews are trying to get the vehicles involved in the accidents completely cleared from the road.

In Lincoln County, Highway 61 both northbound and southbound from Highway B to Highway V are shut down until further notice due to icy conditions.

Winds were picking up before dawn Sunday and sleet fell for several hours in the St. Louis area. There is now a break in the storm before snow falls later.

Many cars have been moving a little too fast for conditions. There are only a few people on the roads Sunday morning.

The road surface is deceiving. It looks like only snow cover, but there is a layer of slippery ice underneath. Cars can get traction to get moving, but they are having a difficult time stopping, especially in a hurry.

Pine Lawn police shut down I-70 around 2:00am between Lucas and Hunt and Goodfellow because there were so many accidents. The highway was reopened around 5:00am. Cars can be seen off roads all across the area.


  • james smith

    well peoople just dont know how to drive. Im a truck drive for a living there are company out there like L and R sali ups fedex yellow most ly all of them around here in st louis and east saint louis that they hirer the dock works or there spotters that work in the yard to drive there truck. when i when to see if i could get a job at one of they place they to me they hirer with in first that there were no opening jobs iv have operated a semi truck proffesianaly in 40 usa states for one plus years plus when to a professional driven school and have 3 and a half years of driving a tanden truck for kirkwood material and supply. Iv driven truck in winter weather day and night im more wiser then most of they people but still the contenue to hire drivers that dont know how to drive. Thats why we have all these accident and some time fatal one .all i cant say to these companys i don’t stand behind you guy at all .some day one of there drivers is going to crash in to the wrong person and there going to shutt down your company.

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