Vianney students successfully lobby for snow day on Twitter

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Students at St. John Vianney High School took to Twitter on Sunday night to lobby their principal for a snow day. Many area schools were calling off classes because of a storm on Sunday that left sleet, snow and bitter cold. Roads were so bad that the Missouri Department of Transportation issued a no travel advisory over the weekend.

According to a release from the school Principal Tim Dilg considered the students campaign on Sunday night. He rewarded the students with an automated call at 6am on Monday. The call had the answer they were looking for. Mr. Dilg revealed that classes would be called off on Monday. Vianney students got their snow day.

The school says the decision to call off school was determined due to road conditions, not the students’ lobbying

This is a compilation of the Twitter campaign to get Principal Dilg to call a snow day:


  • Stuntman Mike

    Jeez, what’s next, tweeting your teacher and begging to get As? No wonder Vianney is struggling…..

  • Ben Dombrowski

    This was so fun! I tweeted my principle and he responded, how often do people hear of principles that would do that!? I am proud of the fact that I and the rest of my school-mates feel comfortable contacting our principle in a fun and humorous way. Proud to be a Thriving Griffin!

  • Mr Popularity

    All that effort to get yet another day off school. No wonder the Japanese and Chinese are kicking our rear ends in academics. They probably beg their schools to NOT close school

  • Stuntman Mike

    Uhhh, Ben, you mean you tweeted your PRINCIPAL. See, that is the whole PRINCIPLE of the issue. Yikes. I weep for the future.

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