Nervous habits can harm health

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(KTVI) - Are you a fighter, a fusser, a hair twirler, a nail biter, a pencil chewer? You may think these are just harmless habits, but they could actually be harming your health. Dr. Matt Bruckel from Total Access Urgent Care talks to Fox 2 about what these nervous habits do to your health.

The effects of a few nervous habits:

  • You bite your nails - This can damage both your nails and the skin around them. It can also transfer germs from the mouth to the skin and vice versa.
  • You crack your neck - Repeatedly cracking your neck can make the ligaments around your neck more susceptible to injury. This excessive motion on the facet joints themselves can cause arthritis over time.
  •  You touch your face - Touching your face or picking at acne repeatedly can damage the top thin layer of the skin. You can create permanent scars.
  •  You grind your teeth - Grinding your teeth can cause teeth to crack or break. It can also damage the jaw joint.


  • Ashley M

    I have touched my hair since I had it and still twirl it subconsciously at almost 30 yrs old… What’s so bad about it? Split ends?! Ooh… Scary! LOL. Seriously, why include it in the text of the article if it’s not discussed??

  • Kayla

    Hair twirling caught my attention, too! I also subconsciously twirl my hair. Been doing it for years, and I’m 25 years old. I seem to be okay! ;)

  • Raena

    Do they even know who they are inteviewing-Dr. Michael Bruckel or Dr. Matt Bruckel. And how or why does this apply to Urgent Care or excuse me Minor Emergency room.

  • rebecca

    I was wondering about the hair twirling also. I used to twirl my hair alot and never had health issues from it. Very disappointed with this article.

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