Annual arrival of migrating snow geese at Carlyle Lake

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CARLYLE, IL (KTVI)-- Carlyle Lake in Illinois is known for its sailing, fishing and camping. It's also a prime spot for bird watching.

It's that time of year at Carlyle Lake. The annual springtime return of migrating snow geese.

For nature lovers, the migration provides a wonderful viewing opportunity. Not just snow geese, but all kinds of ducks, even some eagles.

Carlyle Lake is a stop on the great Mississippi flyway, a migratory path stretching from the gulf coast up into northern Canada. The birds roost on all parts of the lake, Friday near the marina, they numbered about 100,000.

If the weather continues to warm up the geese could be gone sooner rather than later.

In case you're wondering how officials come up with that million number?

We're told wildlife authorities do their own aerial survey.

By John Ross

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  • Julie Johnson

    It’s amazing how aggressive the geese are towards the ducks. Took a drive to one of the marinas after dinner Friday and couldn’t believe the over abundance!

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