Community college ordered to crush 4th Viper off production line

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OLYMPIA, WA – In 1992, Chrysler donated several early production models of the new Viper to colleges around the country. They were to be used for educational purposes.

Chrysler has notified South Puget Sound Community College they must destroy the car in their possession.

Car enthusiasts and professors at the school are heart broken. Jay Leno has even tried to rescue the car from the crusher.

One of the professors believes he knows why Chrysler is worried about this rare, pristine car, which was #4 off the production line.

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  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Let me guess: There may be too much evidence there of how awful and utterly inferior Chrysler junk was back in ’92. I mean, does it even start or run anymore? Did it ever after about two years?

    Chrysler has made great strides in quality since then. Just this year, they are now only awful and somewhat inferior, having only about 80% of the models judged worst by Consumer Reports, instead of their former rank at about 90% of the worst.

    • Shawn McDonald

      srsly. The reason it only has 304 miles on it is because that’s as far as it got before it needed a $14K repair.

      I love Chrysler cars and I’ve owned many. But the Vipers were lemons. Every one. That entire design team should have gone to jail for fraud.

  • Darryl

    I love people who have nothing better to do but leave negative comments on articles. You are probably the same people on urban spoon who never rate a restaurant 5 star and say you can make better at home. You then go to their profile and they never have left a good review. Your information is false I researched it, your percentages are made up just like your comment!

  • Phil

    Let me get this straight, Chrysler DONATED this vehicle to the school and now they want the school to destroy it? Where I come from, possession is 9/10’s of the law. What legal right does Chrysler have in demanding the vehicle destroyed? I hope the school stands its ground and preserves the vehicle for the prosperity of its educational program.

  • wendy

    no no no no no , why would any one in their right mind do that . that is our retirement check , Chrysler is great everyone should drive a Chrysler.
    how or why anyone buys a car that the money for your car go’s overseas, I will never understand
    sorpport American jobs buy American products when you can . look at the shoes you wear , the tools you buy , that tee shirt on your back . where was it made ? our country has sent jobs overseas all in the name of low cost . is every car perfect no but where do you live japan?

    • JollyTime

      Sorry to tell you but even though Chrysler is assembled in America dont mean it is made in America. My Dad worked for Chrysler for 40 yrs. Some of those parts where made overseas sent here to the good ol United States of America and assembled here. My Dad wouldnt drive a Chrysler if they gave him one. He had to park in a different parking lot because he drove a Ford.
      Everything America has…some part of it was made overseas.

  • Joe

    The college may of had to sign an agreement. When I “donate” my archery stabilizers to shooters. They sign an agreement they cannot tamper with or sell said stabilizer. They must use it during competitions and if they fail to meet the requirements they must turn it back over to the company, purchase it, or show proof it has been destroyed.

    • Noelle Campbell

      I’m going to take a guess that your archery stabilizers aren’t worth 50,000 dollars and can be reproduced again relatively inexpensively… I’d love to see you throw 50,000 dollars, no matter whose it was, into an incinerator and see how you feel about it.

  • Shawna

    I dont understand… how does Chrysler haven any say at all… once its been donated, Chrysler would no longer have ANY say so in the fate of the car… if the car were on loan.. that would be a different story… .

  • Shawna

    I dont understand… how does Chrysler haven any say at all… once its been donated, Chrysler would no longer have ANY say so in the fate of the car… if the car were on loan.. that would be a different story… . Also, if everything were on the up and up with that car.. and Chrysler did somehow retain ownership of it.. you would think they wouldn’t want the PR headache involved from rescinding on a donation… if that car is built soundly… they ought at least let the school sell it do they can at least benefit from the cash donation if Chrysler doesn’t want them to use the car… something must be wrong with that car, and Chrysler doesn’t want it known…

  • constance

    I would tell them im not crushing the car it was given to the school which means they cant tell them to crush it. It is the same as donating other things like money, so what after a lot of years. I could go say hey that food I donated I demand it all be thrown in the garbage. This is such a joke and If I were the school I would just laugh about it and be like you people are crazy!

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