Warmer weather causes folks to flock to fish frys

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI)-- The beautiful weather caused folks to flock to fish fry across the St. Louis area.  At Holy Spirit Parish in Maryland Heights a clergy member starts cooking every Friday in Lent.

Father Rick Bockskopf is a pastor and cook, “Necessity, when I was the pastor of Notre Dame in Wellston I was the only priest for meals, so I started cooking.”

Fr. Rich Bockskopf has loved cooking ever since. He shares his talents with his flock.  On the menu Friday night was his seafood gumbo. You can purchase fried fish at Holy Spirit and Fr. Rich also serves up one his specials.  It makes him feel good.

The priest said, “Gathering people around for fellowship and knowing they’re able to do that because of the meal.”

Outside volunteers were frying fish and grilling salmon on a plank. They were grateful the weather made a turn for the better.  It makes their job a little easier.

Volunteer Frank Rauscher said, “It is difficult when it’s extraordinarily cold just because the fryers. It’s hard to keep the temperature up.”

Volunteer Ron Murphy added, “When weather breaks like this it seems to bring the people out.”

People lined up a half hour before the fish fry began.  Joy Bush was among them, “They’re always packed for the fish fry but especially with the nice weather.”

The weather, the excellent food and Father Rich’s special are a recipe for success. Trish Rhea likes the priest’s food, “It’s seasoned but it’s not too hot.”  Her husband Norma agreed, “He can really make some delicious dishes.”

Father’s favorite creation is not suitable for Lent but it does sound tempting, surf and turf combination.  The priest said, “I do a beef tenderloin that’s stuffed with lobster.”

People make reservations for father’s delicacies so he will know just how much to make.

Fish Fry Map