Gov. Nixon calls for investment in Missouri’s schools

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Gov. Jay Nixon.

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – In a speech addressing St. Louis area school superintendents and board members, Governor Jay Nixon called for Missouri to invest in Missouri’s schools. Nixon was in St. Louis to attending the Education Plus Legislative Breakfast were he cited his agenda for public education and his efforts to increase funding for education.

During his address, he stated his opposition to fiscal irresponsible experiments that would take money from schools. He also announced that in his 2015 budget that he’s calling for a $278 million increase in funding for K-12 schools.

Nixon also discussed that he’s committed to fixing the school transfer law and to put in place measures to stop any funneling of public money to private schools.

The Governor also discussed his principles for fixing the school transfer law and the importance of protecting Missouri’s strong safeguards against funneling public funds into private schools.


  • George W. Money

    Lol…You are right about that pet….Also the consistent failure of Black schools shows they don’t know how to bring them up.

    • Steven Sweeney

      Libs love spending OUR york state is always top 3 in school spending, and rank 32nd academically..To top that off, lib mayor deblasio is shutting down charter schools for making them look bad..Unions (nea) robbing the taxpayer for failing schools..dem tradition..Nixon is trying to keep it going..Obama can’t even spell “respect” and is supposedly a Harvard graduate…all you need to know about dems and education…

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