LSD laced ground meat lands pregnant woman and family in hospital

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TAMPA BAY, FL – Four people hospitalized in Tampa Bay, after police say they ate meat laced with LSD. The victims include a pregnant mother, her boyfriend and her two young daughters.

“Detectives determined the family bought the meat at the Walmart located at 1501 North Delmaberry highway. The Walmart chain has been very very cooperative with our investigation, and they voluntarily turned over all like meat products from their shelves at the time.” said Chief Jane Castor of the Tampa Police Department.

The pregnant mother delivered a healthy baby boy. Her two daughters and her boyfriend have been released from the hospital.

State and federal officials are investigating how the drug got into the bottom round steak. Police say it appears to be an isolated incident.


    • Steven Sweeney

      2 diabetes syringes were found in women’s clothing at the atlanta wal mart in 2011..2 arrests were made and the perps were BOTH members of 100 liberal Occupy wall street..keep name calling, cause you’re way to stupid to comprehend facts..why you’re a liberal..

  • tony

    isolated incident? or someone looking to just get a nice fat lawsuit like most of america now days. something tells me the family isn’t giving the whole story, probably a cover up story for the hospital so this woman didn’t get her daughters taken cause her kids got into her LSD. what are the chances that this one family got all the LSD laced meat and no other family got any of it before they pulled it off the shelves i’m sure there was time between when they bought the meat and when they found out it was laced. i’m not saying it isn’t possible but to me it seems highly unlikely. and i’m not defending LSD either. legalize weed and focus on getting the hard drugs off the street.

  • tony

    they need to do a thorough investigation. she was pregnant, beef should have been cooked at 165 degrees to be safe, plus LSD is such a fragile compound. even putting it in the sun light for a little to long will completely destroy it, the heat from cooking the meat would have destroyed the LSD.

  • Heenalu Lolomaka

    if they cooked the meat it would have destroyed the LSD’s Molecular compound and LSD doesn’t make you feel ill it clearly induces laughter in most, even in people who unknowingly take it, something else had to be i the meat or there is something fishy going on with that family and there accusations!

  • Sandra

    This story is sad whats even worse are the ridiculous comments being made. Question it yes but to vocalize a ridiculous notion only shows the narrow minded ignorance that is society today. Please judge this poor family some more as if you already know them i.e. tony…ignorance

    • Digi Tal

      How was Tony judging them? He was pointing out OBVIOUS facts, and stating that an investigation needs to be done.

      I fully agree that an investigation needs to be done. Something does not add up here. As it has already been said, LSD breaks down very easily when exposed to heat. Basic chemistry, people.


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