Missouri health advocates push for insurance enrollment

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO (AP) _ Health care advocates are making an extra push to get people signed up for insurance through a federal website before a March 31 deadline.

The Cover Missouri Coalition says about 40 enrollment events are planned Saturday around the state, including some featuring live music, free food and advice from tax preparers. Dozens of additional events are planned in the coming days.

The coalition also will be running new online and radio advertisements between now and the end of the month.

People who don’t have insurance by March 31 could face tax penalties under the terms of President Barack Obama’s health care law.

The Missouri Foundation for Health says about 68,000 Missouri residents had enrolled in health plans through the federally run online marketplace as of last month.


  • Steven Sweeney

    68,000? LOL Sounds like nobody wants this atrocity..But Obama will keep dumping money into it, while excluding cronies and unions..What would you expect from a guy that can’t even spell “respect?” LOL Harvard degree my foot!

  • Jan Hunter

    It would be helpful if the medicare expansion were in Missouri. We will lose many federal dollars because of our vindictive behavior in the legislate. The subsides for lower income people is nothing and would help tremendously.

    • dsvet1991

      The legislature has NOTHING to do with it. Medicare expansion was put to a vote of the people who overwhelmingly voted it DOWN. But then again the will of the people in this country no longer matters, just get another lib judge and another whining group together and the will of the people will be ruled unconstitutional and the whiners will get their way. Times a coming when enough of the tax paying population gets tired of the freeloading and quits paying and then the house of cards falls.

  • Arnoldian22

    Well said dsvet1991! When did this country start allowing the voice of one person to trump the voices of thousands of people. We need to be a country of “majority rules”. And I’m getting tired of paying 20% of my income in Federal taxes, 6% in State taxes, then another 10% in local sales taxes. Not to mention all the other taxes we pay. The unemployed need to get jobs—they are out there. The poor need to educate themselves so they can get better paying jobs and come off of food stamps.

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