Rescue caravan of dogs from Baton Rouge arrives in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Authorities break up a dog fighting ring outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

They're looking to St. Louis for help in rescuing the animals. FOX 2'S George Sells is at Stray Rescue where the rescue caravan has arrived.

The dogs were rescued February 19th from conditions that made even hardened veterans of dog rescues shudder. Rather than put the dogs down Michelle Brignac began calling pit bull rescue groups. She found places for all of them, including the seven that came to Stray Rescue St. Louis.

You can see the scarring in their faces. Every one of those little bumps is a wound from a battle. Those who are here in most cases fought best. If they hadn't they'd be dead. But they're good with people. In the world of fighting they were handled by people a lot.

They'll get that future here, thanks to a group that wants to help, and a Louisiana animal shelter director who wouldn't let them die.


  • Dog Lover

    One of the first Pit Bulls on TV I remember was “Pete” from the Little Rascals. Bad owners can cause any dog to be aggressive. Placed with loving and caring families most dogs want to be good and well balanced. While some dogs do have an aggressive gene, most often it is not the dog’s fault if they have a responsible owner. I have a Puggle that some days is not the friendliest of dogs. If we are out I make sure others are aware not to pet my dog. I know his behavior, I know what will set him off, we avoid those situations in public. He has been going to training and we work daily with him to insure his behavior stays in check. He will be starting more agility classes this spring as I believe he needs an outlet for his high energy. The point I am making is just because I see a problem with my dog, does not make him a bad dog, I just need to step up as an owner to make sure he has the training and resources he need to keep his attitude in check and keep everyone safe. If I am not willing or don’t have the money to do that I should not have a pet or I should look for a lower maintenance dog. I adopted my dog for life and I am not going to give up on him just because he developed an issue. I would not give up on my son just because he has Autism, what is the difference.

  • Karen Fairclough

    Errrrr excuse me … who found the placements for the dogs ?!?! That would be the tireless work of the Anti-DogFighting Campaign team . And who made the contact with Stray.. umm that would be ME, the assistant manager at THE ANTI DOG FIGHTING CAMPAIGN, And I still have the emails . The President and CEO of the ADFC was the one that was the go-between that handled the arrangements via email between the shelter director and Stray Rescue! Our team send out 1000’sof emails, made thousands of calls . NOT THIS WOMAN !! Glory hunters disgust me. Our team worked day and night with not even a thank you and then she takes credit for MINE and MY TEAMS work !!!

    • Kitti Bridgeman

      That is telling them. Karen you rock!!!!!! Keep fighting the good fight for these dogs. If it was not for people like us lord knows what would happen to these poor dogs. I love my pit bulls and will always be a advocate for them and any other animal for that matter. You give these dog the voice they don’t have to help protect them from idiots who should not be allowed to have a pet rock let alone a animal

    • Ginger S.

      Thank you, Karen. I’ve been following this dog-fighting case since the beginning and have seen the egos swell at the shelter in St Martinsville. The director had a well-known local rescue group helping contact pit rescue groups for foster, but apparently that group was getting more media attention (even though they did not want it or grant interviews) than the shelter and nasty rumors erupted. It is ashamed that during times like this it cannot just be about the dogs.

  • Kitti Bridgeman

    I just love how stupid people are. This is exactly why I own pit bulls and foster and rescue them. Pit bulls don’t just fly off the handle and say I think I will eat someone today. They are taught that stupid stuff. Just like any other dog can be taught to do that. Your animal prejudice makes me sick. People like this make it harder for me to own my beautiful pit bull. My dog was used as a bait dog. We found her on the street she had bite marks all over her. She did not want to be used like that. She wanted a home with people who love her. My dog saved my sons life when he was 1 and a half. He was sick and had a fever spike out of no where. Sent him in to seizures so severe that the doc told us if it was not for her he could of died. She was the one who alerted me that something was not right. Sounds so vicious don’t she??? My son is 3 now and that dog loves him. She protects him guides him away from danger. All she wanted was a loving home and now she has that. Get a clue would you. People like you are the reason I always take in a pit bull they are the most misunderstood breed. They are great loyal dogs. when they are raised right. If i beat you everyday and put you in a situation where you would have to fight for your life then you would have trust issues too. Makes me sick people are so stupid. These dogs are made to fight for their life. You think a pit bull fighter wants a losing dog no they don’t. They torture and kill these dogs. when do not preform up to the fighter expectation of them. How would you like to live that way??

  • Kitti Bridgeman

    Don’t you love how the pit bull haters remove their post when they get backlash for it. You should not sell wolf tickets if you don’t want someone to call your bluff.

  • David

    Oh, more animal rescue group infighting and hostility and name calling. great PR for the furries. Yawn…

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