Teachers Union calls meeting to discuss Granite City Sch. Dist. spending

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GRANITE CITY, IL (KTVI) – The Granite City Federation of Teachers, local 743 has called a town hall meeting for Tuesday, March 25th at 6:30 pm at St. Gregory’s Hall located at 3501 Century Drive in Granite City.

Local 743 is asking the community to attend to discuss the financial state of the Granite City School District. The union is alleging that the district has mishandled the district finances, over spending by $5.5 million in the 2013 budget. They also say the districts own internal audit refers to a lack of internal controls.

On the Granite City School Districts website, the district has posted Administrative Budget Management Proposal Granite City School District #9 Reductions for 2014-2015 school year that outlines proposed staff and program reductions, being considered for the coming school year.


  • Steven Sweeney

    A teachers union in debt? over spending? LOL when HAVEN’T they? All they care about is lining their own pockets..Go charter schools, go private schools..Unions have RUINED the public schools..Normandy is 5 million a month short, now these guys..CLOSE THEM ALL!! or go non union..the kids sure aren’t getting the money…Just ask the superintendents with 200k salaries and new BMWs…

  • Anna

    Maybe you should re-read that. It’s not the union in debt it’s the district! And the district has destroyed our schools! In most cases it’s the union but here the union is standing for our kids! And this time it’s the district that needs to answer for the overspending and inappropriate cuts to our children’s education. Maybe before making blanket statements Steven you should research what your talking about!

    • Steven Sweeney

      Do you mean like New York who is third in spending and 32nd in math and science? That’s the union..just like deblasio shutting down the 3 highest scoring schools in the state, ALL 3 are charter schools, and Deblasio even stated it’s due to NEA pressure..I stand firm on my facts, and the only blanket here is the wet one you’ve thrown over reality..

  • summer

    Well look how much the entire school district make “per year ” . Mr Greenwald and his $161,000 a year (approx ) that’s a start , then work your way down the list , etccccc ….Overspending and not
    budgeting , like you hear about “individual families , “live with in your
    means” or many below your means ….entire district overpaid ….
    Many other districts in the metro east , they’re not making that large amount of $$$$$$$

  • David

    Everyone wants fiscal responsiblity and everyone also feels they deserve more money for the work they do. Its a fact of life that those two don’t mix well. People are much more willing to keep passing the buck instead of making the tough decisions that shed an unfavorable light on themselves. This is the real world guys and girls where people get laid off and most have to make do with less. Out of negligence or lack of accountablity this situation has most likely occurred. Performance driven rewards are the status quo for most areas of the workforce. Therefore its time for both sides to show that they are earning their keep by being as transparent as is utterly possible to the taxpayers of this district. Until then I as a taxpayer favor neither side in this mess that will only end up hurting our children as a result.

  • tammy

    I don’t see in the budget where the school board members are given up anything I don’t see them trying to cut their salary or staff to help out the community. Hmmm

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