2 East Alton men charged in cigarette thefts

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EDWARDSVILLE, IL (KTVI) – Investigators have cracked a case of repeated smash and grab break-ins in East Alton, Illinois.

The thieves were after cigarettes, a lot of them, Madison County Sheriff, Bob Hertz said.

They allegedly hit the same Farm Fresh store on Airline Drive twice in the past 4 months.  They lived within walking distance.  Once surveillance pictures hit TV, investigators tracked them down pretty quickly, Hertz said.

Keaton Weller, 18, and Skyler Martin, 19, are accused of shattering the glass front door; one suspect standing lookout, the other cleaning the store out of as many cigarettes as he could grab.  He allegedly grabbed dozens of cartons.  With the price of cigarettes, it was enough for both suspects to be charged with felonies.

They most recently hit the store early Friday morning, Hertz said.

“Same way, brick through the glass of the front door.  You know probably in a convenience store tobacco products are probably worth more than a lot of other stuff that’s in there,” Hertz said.  “In this case here we put the information out Friday afternoon, by Friday evening we had a tip.  We followed up on the tip, which led to the arrest of both individuals and a recovery of a small amount of the merchandise that was stolen.”

Martin and Weller were both in jail Monday, each charged with two counts of felony burglary; each with bonds set at $75,000.

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