Motorcyclist killed in Jefferson County crash identified

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(KTVI) - Authorities have released the identity of a motorcyclist who was killed early Monday morning.

Keith Christopher, 27, of Dittmer, Missouri died after his bike was struck by a truck on State Route B.

Investigators believe Christopher slowed down but the truck driver did not and hit him.

He was pronounced dead just before 6 a.m.


    • brenda

      By the time this aired they had not. His dad went to look when he saw it on the news he went to look and came upon his son. This is so disrespectful of the social medias in particularly fox 2 and channel 5. He had two little children under the age of five and a girlfriend who had not been notified. He was on his was home to take his kids to daycare for their first day and then off to work. Thanks fox2 for showing these images that the family will never forget. Just lost a few viewers here.

  • Val

    I am with you Lynn, why in the hell would they put this picture on the internet????? Regardless of whether or not the family has been notified, this is gruesome to say the least. Ridiculous. SHAME ON YOU FOX 2.

  • Rita

    I don’t see anything vile. I just see people standing and a green tarp. It’s not like they were showing a mangled body uncovered. Get a grip people.

    • brenda

      Get a grip? Really? There are those of us that knew and loved the motorcycle rider. For these pics to be posted before the family even knew is heartless and inconsiderate.

    • momma sandstedt72

      Rita and ” Me” what if that were your son, brother, husband laying there? Then what would you think? Shame on you two for being so cold. I pray you never loose someone this way. And then find out on the news instead of an officer coming to your door!

      • Jeanna

        I totally agree that they seem to be very cold and rude! I didn’t not know him personally but I have known his girlfriend for over 15 years and have met his babies. This is absolutely NO WAY for a family to have to find out about loosing a loved one! Since the video was released by the news stations people were trying to share this with his girlfriend on facebook (thinking they were being helpful) which was only doing more harm than good considering that she didn’t even want to see the video EVER! Can you imagine that being your loved one laying under that tarp? She should NOT have had to find out about this from the news before anyone could even get a chance to be with her for support. I know he was loved and will be missed by many…especially his kiddos who are too little to really understand what is going on and his girlfriend who is going to have to deal with her emotions plus trying to explain this to the kids and comfort them. The family really needs any prayers they can get! R.I.P Keith Christopher.

  • Jeanine Wiegand Davidson

    I commented earlier but I guess it was to long. The basic fact is when you assume something you normally are wrong the only thing I see is a cloth like material, a motorcycle could be a race bike but I can’t tell a person picking up debris from the side of the road and investigators. Maybe this person was not speeding maybe this was just a normal person gong to hs job like a lots of us are. We have a Harley my hubby was out on hs way to work the same time the accident occurred we are not racers but I will be the first one to give a person a dirty look or something else when others in cars or trucks don’t look and listen for all motorcycles. Let’s just have our positive thought for this family people not assuming you are seeing something bad.

  • Tammie

    The reason for posting this is in hope to get people to watch for motorcyclist, they did not show the person or give their name. I feel for the family.

    • Jeanine Wiegand Davidson

      I agree Tammie… As more comments come out I read more and more. Cars, trucks think they own the road… Well we all need to learn to share. Motorcycles inclued. People do believe that motorcycles can stop on a dime well they can’t just like cars and trucks can’t. What ever else is said it up to that person. But look both ways listen when changing lanes just do common sense and double check. It takes a minute out of someone’s time well that minute you can save a life or two. I don’t agree with the street racers but that is why you have 911 on your phone.

  • Judy W

    B is a dangerous highway. I’m very familiar with this intersection. While it’s very easy to see what’s coming from the right on Ridge, there is a hill on the left, forcing you to really get out there because you have no idea what’s coming on the other side of that hill. The speed limit there needs to be reduced, or maybe the fact there there IS a dangerous, hidden intersection, maybe it should be more clearly marked as such. You can barely see the intersection sign at all as it has been bent over and hidden by trees for sometime.

  • Tammie

    Jeanine – I agree at 5 am I am sure they were going to work. I have 2 guys who came in to work at 7 am and road there bikes in. Not out racing. I grew up with motorcycles. I do not ride one but most of my family and friends do. So people please be careful and watch for motorcycles. Also please pray for the family of the one lost today.

  • Paul

    He was not a stunt rider. He was on his way to work and wanted to ride while the weather was nice. The bike had all of the plastic on it before the accident. He is my relative. Be kind and wish his 2 little children the best

    • Penny22

      So sorry for you loss, my prayers and thoughts go out to you, your family, and those 2 dear children. Please ignore those who type without thinking, they judge on grounds I’m sure they could not stand on.

  • Scuba Linneman

    I think because of this reporting the family found out quicker and that is a good thing,…. nothing changes what happened, this is not a bloody accident scene,… either way you are going to learn some horrible news,….
    as for the guy who assumed this guy was racing and hit a truck and the truck didn’t feel it,….??? please, dude get a life,….
    the truck left the scene, that tells you who was at fault,…
    he was probably checking a text and crossed the center line,…
    HE left the scene, so there is evidence that HE was the one at fault,…
    there is NO evidence that it was the bikers fault.

    Godspeed to his family and friends,…

    • momma of 3

      So true! Without ALL the REAL facts, no one knows who was at fault. Maybe the truck driver didn’t have lights on the trailer making it impossible for the biker to see? Maybe the biker was coming around a curve at the speed limit and the truck was stopped right there so he didn’t have time to react? Maybe the person driving the tow truck really didn’t feel the crash because towing a vehicle is bumpy and loud? Prayers to his family!

  • Jeanine Wiegand Davidson

    Does it make you people feel better that you think you know the facts…. The fact is some one passed….. Have respect for the family look out for other motorist. Get the hell of your cell phones and pay attention. No I am not stating that anyone was on the phone. Phones are for assistance not for chatting and texting while driving. Thank you all have a bless day… Prayers to this family on the death of such a young person.

  • penny bogue

    My heart goes out to his family & friends!!
    Sorry for your loss… May God be with all of them during their times of Sorrow!
    Remember the good times!

    I too lost a brother & cpl nephews @ a Young age.
    Forgive often & cheerish everyday like its your last.
    Tomorrow is not promised!

  • Mike

    Just because he’s on a bike it’s his fault and he deserves to die. Get off your cell phone and stop feeding your face while you drive. I’ve found myself to be a safer drive since I started riding a motorcyle. It’s the idiots that don’t pay attention that cause the accidents. There’s no way you can tell that’s a stunt bike. You can’t make anything out on the bike. Have a good life eating your mcdonalds and shopping at Walmart

  • Stephanie Marty Hestand

    I personal know some of this man’s dear friends and I was at a total loss of what to say about this disgrace. I don’t care what the particulars are it shouldn’t matter the least they could have done is not air it until it was edited to atleast only show the bike. His poor family and friends had no idea what had happend when they saw their loved ones bike knowing his lifeless body laid under that tarp. SHAME ON YOU ALL COMMENTING HERE WHEN THE ONES CLOSE TO HIM HAVE ALREADY BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH AND SHAME ON FOX 2 NEWS FOR NOT USING GOOD JUDGEMENT AND ADDING TO THE SUFFERING OF HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS! Regardless of the details of the accident there is no excuse for allowing things this graphic being shown on t.v. You may not see it as graphic because you have no personal attachment to this man but if you had you’d know how bad it hurts to see something like that. People need to grow up and start having some manners and respect. Inexcusable and completely uncivilized behavior here. Sad… Very sad.

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