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Missouri legislative committee looking at allowing marijuana sales

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KTVI) – A Missouri house committee is looking at legislation proposed by Columbia representative Chris Kelly, to decriminalize marijuana in Missouri. The bill would allow for the licensing of growers, and retailers.

The bill would also allow Missouri resident to possess up to one pound of marijuana and grow up to 8 plants for person use.

The hearing slated to start at 5 pm in the basement of the state capitol.


  • Bob

    I’d think posessing a pound of pot goes beyond personal consumption. If they are serious about making this a law, pehaps they need to bump that down to 3 ounces or so.

  • Billie

    It is a good idea we could gain lot of jobs and money. Marijuana is not deadly like beer or pills even tobacco is. There is no reason not to legalize marijuana

  • Lisa

    Chris Kelly started with it at a lb. for personal use in order to leave it up for debate on how much he knows that it wont pass

  • chester

    This could make up for the money the Casinos are not paying the state due to people getting smart and giving up the casinos.

    • Jharris

      Right!!! its so sad that they say tax money will be used in the school but the schools never gets it smh

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